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Breakin’ Down - Miss California Award winner

Breakin' Down
Miss California
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 24 August 2014, 10:50 PM

Well, my dear nephews and nieces, your Ol’ Big Daddy here will not lie: I’m a confessed and die-hard fan from Traditional Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, so when I’m dealing with a band from these styles, my personal trend is to like the album a lot. And in the case of the Italian quartet BREAKIN’ DOWN, with their album “Miss California”, the reality is: they are a very good and great band, with an excellent work.

No, their work is nothing really new. It’s just the mix between some influences from MOTORHEAD and AC/DC, with some bluesy and Southern Rock aspects, sounding a little as CHROME DIVISION did on their earlier works. But don’t get the wrong idea, for these Italian guys are here with a lot to say by themselves, having lots of melodies and a 70/80 felling on their work. No one told that something not new isn’t good.

Great vocals, catching guitars (both in riffs and solos), a powerful and not very complicated rhythmic basis, this album is something to love or hate at first hearing. And the greater part of Metal fans will love it a lot.

A good quality in terms of sonority, a bit dry and sounding, both in more electric and clean moments, clear and good, so it’s a very easy album to hear and understand. The music is depicted clearly.

Their songs are all fine, but we can have some highlights on the album on songs like “Miss California Hell A.” (a pure and savage Hard’n’Roll, having very good vocals and great guitar work), “Voodoo Woman” (with a more 70 feeling and very good use of a Hammond organ), the more introspective and little bluesy “Soul Slow Train” (with wonderful and charming guitar solo), and the anthemic, the punch in the ear “God Save Rock’n’Roll”.

Very, very good!!!

4 Star Rating

1. Miss California Hell A.
2. Voodoo Woman
3. Rock’n’Roll Show
4. Soul Slow Train
5. Pò’ Boy
6. Father My Blood
7. She’s a Devil
8. Louisiana Mojo Man
9. God Save Rock’n’Roll
10. Hell or Eden
Simone Piu – Bass, vocals
Francesco Manna – Guitars
Mauro Eretta – Guitars
Fabrizio Murgia – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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