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Breathless - Return To Pangea Award winner

Return To Pangea
by Chelsea Jennings at 13 March 2015, 10:45 PM

BREATHLESS are an English four-piece metal band that has been around since the 1980s. The latest effort "Return To Pangea" is the followup to 2012s acclaimed "Green To Blue".

BREATHLESS are back with a bang for their first release in three years. The first thing that stands out is the driving drumbeats that set the groundwork for the entire album. This drumming could easily crush skulls. The vocals sound as if they are spawned straight from the depths of the hell. The guttural tone of hte vocals set an angry, aggressive base that set up the premises for the angry topics of this release that include war, survival, and overcoming the odds to survive and return to one's homeland in the Pangea. The almost feral screams and wails that are littered throughout the album add to the drama and the pain that is felt while listening to the latest release.

Tracks like "Beyond The Ritual" and "Blooding Wraith" almost fool the listener as they begin with more mellow introductions before thundering off into song. Other tracks such as "Breathing" and "Spinning Metal" slap the listener with fast, heart-stopping beats from the very first note. These various introductions add great variety to the tracks on BREATHLESS'S latest release. It leaves the listener wondering what might come next, and never knowing exactly what they should expect next.

The vocals on the tracks vary between melodic, almost relaxing "clean": singing, while other parts range back to wailing and horrendous screams that present the very real agony of the topics discussed in this release. Returning to one's homeland, struggling to fight tyrants, and preserving one's history and race are all topics talked about in this latest BREATHLESS release. These are very "doom-y" and "death" metal topics that come from metal veterans that have been around the game for years. BREATHLESS have definitely lived up to expectations making the album unexpected, exciting, and somehow flawlessly put together.

     This is a must-listen to for any fan of "doom-y" or "death" metal in 2015! It might be one of the best works BREATHLESS has done to this date! Turn up the sound, enjoy, rock out, and be sure you bring a helmet because some skulls will be crushed while listening to this album!

5 Star Rating

1. Tectonic Chant
2. Killing-osophy
3. Atomic Waste
4. Introspective Nightmare
5. Return To Pangea
6. Beyond The Ritual
7. Masterade
8. Ursal Has A Tank
9. Breathless
10. Brooding Wraith
11. Spinning Metal
Dominic Appleton - Vocals + Keyboards
Gary Mundy - Guitars + Backing Vocals
Ari Nevfeld - Bass + Guitar + Backing Vocals
Tristram Latimer - Drums + Precussions
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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