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Breaths – Lined in Silver Award winner

Lined in Silver
by Patrick McMahon at 06 April 2021, 6:46 AM

So here I am now, reviewing yet another solo artist that rocks. BREATHS is the one man project out of Richmond, VA that has a broad range of stylings. List genre on this one is Post-Metal, Doomgaze, Post-Rock, Blackgaze, and Post-Hardcore. That is quite a selection, and deep down Shoegaze has always been one of my favorite genre “clap backs” so to speak. So this Post-Everything and Gaze project that was actually inspired by a bout of sleep paralysis after the birth of our artists son, and during the worldwide lull also known as COVID. A lot of the anxiety of all the above has seeped into the music, laced with the hope and joy brought about by the artist’s family.

Breaking it down to the tracks, lets begin at the beginning. “Lined in Silver”, at the start, seems like it might be a slow paced and mellow track. The impression of comfort is not long standing as slamming drums bring about a change of pace, and the song repeats the process as needed to keep you on your toes. Soft vocals? Hard vocals? No, the impression from this track will leave you with the understanding that you are going to get whatever vocal fix happens to play best with each movement of the tracks. Overall, I pick up the lyrics as a very personal statement on the events leading to this release and it reflects in the emotion of the song. The voice (of Jason’s daughter I assume) at the end of this track is both well delivered and haunting compared to the track.

“Like Wires” is by far my favorite work of the release. Very choppy and dissonant rock vibes are abundant in the track. Vocal effect is delivered well. The best element here has got to be the empty space in the track, it takes you in before delivering you back to hard hitting riffs and will catch you completely off guard in the first couple of listens. I very much enjoy being surprised by original and unique musical elements. “A Year on Fire” is our next track to talk, and it has a much darker sound to begin with. I would say rightly so given the subject matter. Man, with pressing lyrics and a driven and very guitar heavy tone, this track will take you to a familiar place if you haven’t lived under a rock since last year. In a great choice of words “We’ve go to reshape the structure one way or another”. For a reverberated bite, we have “In Repose”. Don’t worry, though the track seems like a slower (and very Gaze) track starting up, the track seems a wonderful taste of the elements seen in the rest of the album.

If I can convince you to go out and listen to this track, this is the space I try. This bad mamma jamma covered every genre related base that it set out for and then some. There is even some elements in this for our Djent fans. Extra credit for extremely cohesive sound. If I have one complaint, it is only that there are to me a few missed steps with the drums. This is every bit of album to rock out to, so go get it.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Lined in Silver
2. The Weight _ The Bellows
3. Like Wires
4. A Year on Fire
5. In Nightmares
6. The Forgotten Ones
7. The Inherent Emptiness
8. In Repose
Jason Roberts – All
Record Label: Independent


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