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Brewed And Canned - Execute The Innocent Award winner

Brewed And Canned
Execute The Innocent
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 27 February 2014, 9:57 PM

With a name like BREWED AND CANNED, I was worried that this group was going to be just another one of the corny bands all about drinking and getting drunk. I was definitely wrong about that one. Yes, these guys impressed me a bit. “Execute The Innocent” stays true to the term Death Metal all the way. (Even that title is morbidly awesome) Every element of good Death Metal is mastered in this brutal work of art. Fast drums, heavy as hell guitar riffs, and that beautiful deep guttural Death Metal scream. Yes my fellow Metalheads don’t be fooled by their name. They don’t mean beer, they mean whoever they are brewing and canning.

The first track starts with a mini intro then the bass leads right into the heavy. They get nice and heavy. The brutality and the technicality work together to create quite the awesome unique sound. The drum work is downright sick. I mean sick! The double hits incredible speeds at times. The technicality is above what your normal death metal would be, certainly, but not as much as Prog Death, which they make no claims of being Prog). The guitar work is pretty damn sweet itself. They go from slamming heavy riffs, to semi screaming intervals. There seems to more transitions than we’re used to in typical Death Metal, and they are as smooth as you would want them to be. The vocals are, as stated above, those beautiful deep guttural growls that Death Metal is so well known for. The solos on this album are insane. The composition of “Execute The Innocent” very exceptional. The mixture of technicality and brutality (as stated above) make it a definite must listen. There is absolutely no repetition.

Over all I went from think this would be just another drunken sloppy Death Metal cd, to being thoroughly immersed in Technical Death Metal bliss. BREWED AND CANNED quickly earned itself a spot in my music collection. They took brutal and Prog and met somewhere in the happy middle. They will keep you head banging. I think anyone who likes death metal would surly dig BREWED AND CANNED.

5 Star Rating

1. Multiple Bone Injection
2. Behind 8 Doors
3. Harvest
4. Perverse Reflections
5. Killfuckfeed
6. Into Slavery
7. Execute the Innocent
8. Breathing the End
9. Vomiting Liquified Innards
10. A Violent Maelstrom
Flo - Vox
Michl - Lead Guitar
Phil - Lead Guitar
Will - Bass
Max – Drums
Record Label: Blacksmith Records


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