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Brian Maillard - Reincarnation

Brian Maillard
by Daniel Fox at 25 February 2014, 1:37 AM

The beauty of progressive music is the infinite number of forms the music can make; which can be thoroughly synesthesia-inducing, forming and embellishing shapes and images with each note. Sometimes, it can be worth taking away the vocals from the music, and concentrating on the instrumentals; instrumental Progressive Metal is one of the more enigmatic genres out there. Somewhat in the vein of Neal Wakefield and Ioannis Anastassakis, Swiss guitarist Brian Maillard of SOLID VISION and DOMINICI (formed by ex-DREAM THEATER vocalist Charlie Dominci).

"The Pentagon" opens up with a deliciously infectious and funky vibe perpetuated by syncopated, clean guitar chops, while occasionally venturing into Jazz Fusion with silky-smooth lead lines. From time to time it goes on to explores further Funk territories, and begins to cement itself as one of my favorites. "The Irish Times" is another and a veritable masterpiece on the album. Although it begins with a heavy, and obviously-Metal introduction, the music is stripped down to a sped up groove with a catchy and quaint rhythm section, lead guitars once again mimicking what would be the place of vocals with alive-sounding licks.

By a thread, "Theory of Relativity" was my favorite piece on this record. It appears to infuse classic, groove-based riffs reminiscent of BLACK SABBATH; but from time to time, I am met with many keyboard-enhanced choruses with uplifting chords and guitar melodies, and my mind is transported to the realms of ANGRA. "Bulldog Ants" is a memorable track that begins with a very strong Progressive Metal / Rock sound combining riff work and atmospherics very similar to CIRCUS MAXIMUS, with more Funk-filled rhythms and uplifting chord progressions and melodies that simply exude happy feelings.

If you are specifically looking for track-to-track similarities, you might find a couple of consecutive songs too similar. Might. If you listen to the record to enjoy good guitar playing and get lost in a beautifully crafted soundscape, you're doing it right. How this will appeal to Metal's wide audiences, I am unsure; guitar enthusiasts and Prog-heads will adore it. If you want melodic Metal with soaring vocals and heavy riffs, this is perhaps not the album for you; that is what Power Metal is for, and this is not a power metal album. Instrumentally, it goes above and beyond, resonating with a musically-inclined intelligence.

4 Star Rating

1. Début De La Fin
2. The Pentagon
3. The Irish Times
4. Another Life
5. Evergreen
6. Carnivorous Turtle
7. Theory of Relativity
8. Reincarnation
9. Bulldog Ants
10. Hallelujah
Brian Maillard – Guitars, Keyboards
Yan Maillard – Drums
Bryan Beller – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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