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Brick - Done Counting My Scars Award winner

Done Counting My Scars
by Neil Cook at 28 December 2020, 10:22 PM

BRICK, that’s a name which doesn’t tell you very much.  It certainly doesn’t give you many clues about their music.  Neither does where they are from.  Värnamo, Sweden to be precise, and that might make you think of Scandi Death Metal or Viking Metal band, but that is so far from the mark. BRICK play a fresh take on Classic Rock, generally of the heavier variety, but their influences stretch far and wide.  The ballad “One Less Day” for example, musically I can hear QUEEN in there for example, in both the soaring BRIAN MAY like solos, and that could be FREDDY playing the piano (by the way what a tune!).

Although wearing their influences as a badge of honor, they create their own sound, and hot damn it is good.

Meaty licks, soaring solos, powerful, precision drumming, chunky base lines, howling keyboards, or lush piano, and a versatile singer, who can be tender and bluesy one moment or howling like a banshee the next tied together with a clean yet hard production.

Title track “Done Counting My Scars” is an excellent opener, and things just keep getting better and better from there.  “America First” starts with a skewed take on the Star Spangled Banner, a trick done many times in the past, and I think it is easy to work out what this song is about, but the way it’s delivered, well I think it would get the most die-hard Trump supporter grooving (well Ok maybe not, but it could happen).

There are almost too many fine heavy rocking tracks to heap praise on, and I cannot find a reason to criticise.  “No.1 Fan”, nope nothing bad here.  “Taking Turns”, got to be running out of steam by track 9. Ah! no, the opposite, absolute banger, with amid-blowing lick. Last track “Turn To Grey”, bound to be crap. Oh for fuck sake! This is a pounding groove-fest of a modern rock song.

I can’t help it! These guys tick all my rock boxes, fresh, heavy, loud, melodic, groovy, but dirty when it needs to be rockers, taking everything good from the 70’s, 80’s and beyond, including todays New Wave Of Classic Rockers and creating a bloody fine album.  It has to be a perfect score, damn their eyes!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Done Counting My Scars
2. Americas First
3. Beloved Congregation
4. Life’s Like
5. One Day Less
6. Shy Of Seventeen
7. I Am War
8. No. 1 Fan
9. Taking Turns
10. Turn To Grey
Johan Hultgren - Vocals
Matte Lilja - Guitar
Dado Hrnic - Drums & Percussion
Fredrik Finnander - Guitar
Erik "Gora" Göransson - Bass
Gustav "Gurra" Widerquist – Keys
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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