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Brick - Faceless Strangers Award winner

Faceless Strangers
by Marcos "Big Daddy' Garcia at 23 October 2016, 10:18 AM

I presume that there’s some kind of minerals in Swedish food, because the number of excellent bands from the country and from all Metal styles is something incredible. Yes, and Big Daddy here thinks that in some moment in the future, to be a Swedish band will mean the same of a band with excellent musical quality. The sextet BRICK is here to show the world that the country does not only produce Extreme Metal bands or Symphonic Metal ones. Take a listen to “Faceless Strangers” and you’ll understand what I mean. It’s just a simple and melodic Heavy Metal band, but with a modern and aggressive outfit, without tearing apart the excellent catchy melodies of their musical work. It’s heavy and aggressive, but with excellent melodic aesthetics and with a different personality. In some moments, we can feel the musical essence of Swedish Metal School pulsing on their musical arrangements.

The sound quality is really excellent, in a way that we can understand all the little musical details of the work. But it is truly heavy when they need it to be, so we have no complains about it. Musically speaking, they are doing the same old and good traditional Heavy Metal with a modern outfit (due the tunes used on the musical instruments), and a catchy and good use of melodies. Their musical technique is not something exaggerated, with very good choruses, so be prepared to be hooked by songs as the aggressive “The Beast” (with some moments where the vocals reminds something that Bruce Dickinson used to show on the past), the charming melodies of the guitars on “Bagging Rainbows” (the level of musical accessibility is truly high on this one), the heavy weight work of bass guitar and drums on the sinuous “Faceless Strangers” (very good chorus, indeed), the Hard Rock scent on the heavy song called “From My Hell and Back”, the abrasive and melodic weight presented on “Love Song” (no, it’s not a ballad), and fine work of the keyboards on “Megan.” They are really good, so listen to “Faceless Strangers” and get yourself hooked.

Originality: 6
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Beast
2. Bagging Rainbows
3. Bloody Mistress
4. Faceless Strangers
5. Last Day
6. Not Five Times or More
7. From My Hell and Back
8. Love Song
9. World of Lies
10. Megan
Johan Hultgren – Vocals
Stefan Bergstrand – Guitars
Matte Lilja – Guitars, backing vocals
Erik “Gora” Göransson – Bass
Gustav “Gurra” Widerquist – Keyboards
Dado Hrnic – Drums, percussion
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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