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Brick Bath - I Won't Live The Lie (CD)

Brick Bath
I Won't Live The Lie
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 27 October 2001, 1:34 AM

Times are hard and many bands struggle to prove they're worthy listening to. Listening to their real effort to produce that which is in need by most of us (who have a set of ears, a heart and a soul)…music.
Brick Bath is an American Hardcore band, self-promoting, not signed to any label (guys from Brick Bath correct me if I'm wrong) and pumped up with some heavy fuel, ready to donate some anger to us!
These guys play the kind of Hardcore I like…my kind of sound (hehe)! Of course a sound many of you worship in the names of bands like Pantera and Testament! Yes, they're influenced basically by Pantera but that's something natural…You wanna play something, you've certainly listened to something else before, that you liked and pushed you to become…the one the others are gonna start listening to on their headphones!
Note that Brick Bath may be a band you've never heard of before, they have co-headlined with National acts like Stuck Mojo, Testament, Forbidden, Flotsam and Jetsam and Exodus.
The production of I won't Live the Lie is pretty good (hey big labels, you ought to listen to these guys!) and of course need I say, it could be even better! The guitars are hard, fast and down-tuned (remember I mentioned something about Pantera?). McCaw is just perfect for Hardcore, couldn't be more suitable for the job. The drums are ok, the bass is heavy and loud…The only thing that bothered me is that from a point after, I started getting slightly bored with 2-3 exceptions (Crucified, Simple Life and So Wrong - Really liked those ones). Maybe if the tracklist was formed by the same songs but placed in a different order it would have had a different effect on me. I do like though most of the songs and I must admit that they're full of energy.

Brick Bath is not a Hardcore band with an already doomed future…On the contrary…the future seems so promising!

3 Star Rating

Inner Peace
Bone Dry
Pain My Friend
Sick of You
I Won't Live The Lie
Simple Life
So Wrong
Oppression Kills
Die Alone
Joseph McCaw - Vocals
Eric Meyer - Guitars
Pete Stone - Bass
Scott Babbel - Drums


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