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Bridge Burner - Disempath Award winner

Bridge Burner
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 24 June 2021, 2:21 AM

People always have a defined vision about a Metal genre, and can’t understand that inside a musical work, no one must be constrained by models. One example: when listening to POSSESSED’s “Seven Churches”, in reality it’s not only Death Metal, but a combination of many features (from Thrash Metal to Black Metal, something inherited from MOTÖRHEAD, and nasty Hardcore traces, to name few elements). So never try to have an accurate sight, because the more you come closer, the more your vision will be blurred, a phenomena similar to what Quantum Mechanics states about the measurement of a particle’s speed and position at the same time. So to deal with BRIDGE BURNER’s second full length, the bone crusher massacre called “Disempath”, forget hard conceptions.

Trying to describe it in the fairest way, it’s a brutal mix between Death Metal with many Crust Punk influences. But the brutality and technical work from the band isn’t usual, so many different elements are entering their music, as some traces from Hardcore and even something from old and modern extreme Metal genres. It’s massive and aggressive to the bones, but filled with many hooks and broken rhythms. The best thing to do: forget the words, and just dive in! The production of “Disempath” was done in a way that could combine their natural aggressiveness and brutality with a defined sonority that could allow the listeners to catch their ideas without great efforts. And they hit the bull’s-eye, because things are pretty good, and the set of instrumental tunes used by them is the key for it.

Be prepared by a massive and brutal musical assault, because these guys aren’t kidding. “Disempath” (a song that combines an oppressive musical work with very good technical work, especially from bass guitar and drums), “Flaying God’s Children” (that bears the same elements from the previous one, but with a very good work from the vocals, using contrasts between grunts and screams), “Bodies as Graveyards” (a massive songs with a wall of excellent guitar riffs), “Nausea, and the End of Everything” (a nightmare with broken tempos and a great technical work), and “Dull Knives to Deaf Ears” can be said as the best ones for a first time, but all the songs are great.

If the reader is an extreme Metal fan that is bored with copies, BRIDGE BURNER is the right band for you. And “Disempath” is so brutal that can cause earthquakes and tsunamis in their home country, New Zealand.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Separating Hand from Wrist
2. Disempath
3. Flaying God’s Children
4. Chlorine Eyes
5. Bodies as Graveyards
6. Nausea, and the End of Everything
7. Anodyne Existence
8. Dull Knives to Deaf Ears
9. Abyssal
Ben C. Read - Vocals
Josh Hughes - Guitars
Maxwell Gravelle - Guitars
Gary Brown - Bass
Louis Malloy - Drums
Record Label: Hibernation Records


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Edited 02 February 2023

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