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Bridger - Self-Titled

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 20 February 2012, 11:53 AM

After tagging along with the same band for years, I can understand why sometimes artists choose to release their own material out under a different name or sign that will differentiate them from their core groups. There is a wide strain of such artists but only several, which is also a lot considering the numbers, that were able to top or at least sound good in comparison to their mother band. Glen Bridger, the guitarist of the classic Rock band HEAD EAST, bred his material that ranges from AOR to Hard Rock through a new lineup under his name BRIDGER. The self-titled debut was released a while ago via Escape Music and let me indicate that from the story it tells, there is something good going on here.

In general this album would seem like the ordinary Rock album with frequent shifts between what can be recognized as the somewhat crankier stuff and a blissful softness. However, while following the production that sounded so rich with a perfect fit to the music's nature, nearly each song, even the catchiest and commercialized of the selection, sounded artistic and thought through. The guitar works were exquisite with a line of creative Rock solos and ample riffs while the vocals of XYZ's frontman, Terry Ilous, sounded just as amazing, though a bit calmer, as his earlier wild years of the 80s. Several of the songs showcase percussion and an aura of keyboards that filled some of the depth that the rhythm section left behind.

Even so, most of the way it wouldn't be hard to notice that Bridger chose to write material that would be ear pleasing so I think that you will be laying back comfortably in your seat through the most of it. Although I am more of a fan of the heavy traditional stuff, the light acoustic flavors of "I'm Free" and the coolness of "Without A Sound" made me think about the past while setting themselves as a scenery. The fretwork of Bridger, along with several other recording artists that pitched in on strings, was the most impressive when calmness surrounds. As for the Rockers, "Gonna Get Better", “Tuesday Afternoon", "Don't Push Me" and the interesting cover for the old BLACK SABBATH hit of "Heaven And Hell", inspired me quite a lot with an amazing electric sound and their gaze towards the classic era of the genre.

Bridger started something good and rallied some a great crew to assist him. This self-titled debut made justice for classic Rock, Rock N' Roll and Hard Rock of the 80s and late 70s. I sure hope that future releases will top this one or at least maintain the same level of clarity and artistic nature.

4 Star Rating

1. Tuesday Afternoon
2. How Long
3. On the Ledge
4. Don't Push Me
5. Without a Sound
6. I'm Free
7. Live for the Moment
8. Good to Be Home
9. Gonna Get Better
10. Once In a Lifetime
11. Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath cover) 
Terry Ilous- Vocals
Glen Bridger- Guitar
Greg Manahan- Bass
Sam McCaslin- Keyboards
Danzoid– Drums

Additional members:
Jk Northrup - Guitars and Bass, production
Larry Hart- Bass
Eddy Jones- Drums and Percussion
Marcus Nand- Drum loop programming, Keys and Guitars
Mark Murtha- Keys, Electric and Steel guitar
Record Label: Escape Music


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