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Bright Curse - Before The Shore Award winner

Bright Curse
Before The Shore
by Andrej Romić (Nekrst Fanzine) at 30 January 2017, 7:44 AM

I am writing about a very interesting band this time - perhaps not as interesting to me, but I am quite sure Heavy Metal fans will appreciate it. Bright Curse is a UK based Metal act with lots of experimentation to their sound. On this album you’ll have the privilege of hearing beautiful cleans, heavy riffs, psychedelic moments, and of course pretty high-pitched vocalisations. Their 2016 effort “Before The Shore” contains 7 powerful songs which will definitely take you back in time; although I wonder, why go back in time for example to the 80’s, the era of Heavy Metal, when we live in 2017 and people are STILL kicking ass with experimental, kind of original, but still true to the roots songs like these?!

This album is incredible. It kicks off with “Lady Freedom”, which is full of powerful, high-pitched vocals, sharp, doom-oriented riffs, all whilst remaining absolutely heavy. If I hadn’t heard of this band, I’d say they were an old-school one; probably from the aforementioned period. “The Shore” (the album’s second track) starts with some mellower vocals and chilly riffs that reminded me a little bit of the Blues genre; which is fine to see, for I always respect it when artists state their influences clearly. The first half of the track contains even more epic vocals that are followed by the even more epic riffs; which slow down from time to time to put you in a positive, mental coma. The vocals are crystal clear and absolutely audible; I could almost make out every single word of the vocalist. The riffs purposefully quieter, just so they can kick us in the face in the half of the song (when things seriously get out of hand); you will definitely get some serious goosebumps. In addition to that, almost at the very end of the song, it starts to sound like the vocalist is pretending to scream, which showcases how awesome a voice he actually has! I doubt that you would believe me if I said that I almost never listen to Heavy Metal in my free time, but this album seriously surprised the shit out of me! (In a very positive way.)

The third song “Cheating Pain” has a slightly louder bass presence and much quieter riffs, along with extreme, yet relaxing vocal; everything a fan of this genre must and should listen to. I like that some songs discuss pretty depressive and melancholic things; it gives me the chills. “Walking In A Graveyard (Bloody Witch)” is the fourth song; but I was so lost in the album that I almost lost count. As I have previously mentioned, I could make out 90% of the lyrics, and I am definitely a fan of them. For those who like reading Metal lyrics, buy this album, and check out the booklet, you won’t be disappointed, and this is coming from a fan who reads a lot.

The fifth song “Candles And Flowers” starts with raw drums, Sludge Metal riffs (combined with Doom ones) and vocals that are similar to the previous songs –yet they still keep kicking, heavy, yet fully understandable, and way louder than the other instruments; although I feel like they should be, since these guys actually have a decent message in their lyrical content.

“Northern Sky” is the penultimate, sixth track on this amazing record. It slowly but surely prepares you mentally for the last and longest track “Earth’s Last Song”. The former sounds slightly love-themed, both musically and lyrically: I feel like it was meant for a person. The first half sounds like a ballad, but later the epic Drone/Doom heavy riffs kick in; and they make any fan bang their head, or spin it in circles. I also forgot to mention that this album clocks in at 41:45 minutes but it literally feels like no more than 15, I swear. Yet, here we are at the last song, or to be more precise, Earth’s Last Song. This song is a bit more melancholic, maybe even optimistically happy(?); we can’t know for sure though, for each fan will feel something else. Some will like the lyrics, some will enjoy the music, but I know one thing for sure: this album was meant to be an epic journey through time and music itself, and if you are a real fan of metal, you will play this album, at least once. Cheers to those who will loop it a couple of times, as I did!

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 10
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

  1. Lade Freedom
  2. The Shore
  3. Cheating Pain
  4. Walking In A Graveyard (Bloody Witch)
  5. Candles And Flowers
  6. Northern Sky
  7. Earth's Last Song
Zacharie Mizzi - Drums
Romain ‘’Shaman’’ Daut - Guitars, Vocals
Max Ternebring - Bass
Record Label: HeviSike Records


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Edited 04 February 2023

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