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Bring Out Your Dead – Bring Out Your Dead Award winner

Bring Out Your Dead
Bring Out Your Dead
by Joseph Brewer at 21 July 2020, 7:56 PM

In the music world, there are constant challenges that a band faces on the way to making an album: assembling the right talent, finding a label, and writing hit songs. When that doesn’t work out, a band can crumble, or, in this case, multiple bands. When GAUNTLET and UNSOULED out of Madrid, Spain broke apart a few years back, several of the members found an opportunity to work together and create something new. BRING OUT YOUR DEAD was formed in 2016 and was an amicable partnership of long-time friends that wanted to make music together. From there, the challenge was one of creation. What would their sound become? Fueled by their love of music and a passionate desire to create, BRING OUT YOUR DEAD in their debut self-titled album cover a spectrum of musical styles and personal topics.

With genre-less, alternative bands like BRING OUT YOUR DEAD, there is always a possibility that the drive for creativity and unique sound can make a given song feel disconnected or aimless. BRING OUT YOUR DEAD avoids this common pitfall and secures melody as the foundation for each of their songs, which elevates the quality of this album considerably. This feature can be found most prominently in the opening track, “Macedonia”, which is an absolutely fantastic song. It starts off with a soft and eerie beginning, pacifying the listener. Then, the whole band drops in and thunders through a spastic, off-beat rhythm. It quickly moves into the chorus which is insanely catchy and sonically intriguing. It’s as simple as repeating “Macedonia” over and over, but vocalists Reverend J. Nibbler and M. R. Boyd harmonize together in such a pleasing way that you are left wanting more. The middle of the song transitions into a soothing eclectic passage, deftly drifting between acoustic guitar and bongos with a melodic electric guitar solo. But you feel the crescendo as it eventually peaks into the metal-driven tone set in the beginning and finishes on a high note.

As you progress along “Bring Out Your Dead”, you are faced with song after song that is diverse and interesting. The foundation of the band is heavy metal, but the influences of prog, alternative, electronica, and others are woven into a given track so naturally that you can’t help but appreciate what BRING OUT YOUR DEAD was able to achieve on this album. Vocalists Reverend J. Nibbler and M. R. Boyd are a main reason for this success. “In the Blink of a Snake’s Eyes” gives you another taste of their vocal style and their penchant for harmonies whose dissonance and power provide a boost to each and every lyric. They are both the guitarists for the band and are therefore doubly responsible for the musical melody. A feature that they execute well as this song in particular is filled with crunchy riffs and heavy hooks.

Mad Girl’s Love Song” is next up and is the one track that falls a little short for me. Perhaps their version of a ballad, this song is delicate and gentle, musically only really consisting of some atmospheric electronic sounds bouncing around your headphones. Eventually, a soft voice appears on the track whispering romantic words to the listener. I see what BRING OUT YOUR DEAD was going for, and while it is interesting, I think it cuts the momentum of the album off a bit too much.

That slowdown does not last long as the next track, “90” is another banger. The song gets off to a killer start. Litos & Ti on bass and Tim the Enchanter on drums are cranked up in an off-beat, rhythmic dance, throwing the standard time signature out the door and leaning into the complexity. As the song progresses, Tim the Enchanter really starts to stand out. It’s as if they removed any restraints for this song and allowed Tim’s creativity and talent to flow undisturbed. Creative fills and useful accents are executed over and over again, at least during the main portion of the song. Like “Macedonia”, “90” has a strong instrumental section where the whole band comes together to absolutely crush time signatures and unload headbanging riffs. Of course, they return to the main melody of the song and deliver another round of that super addicting chorus.

The last three tracks are just as amazing. “Кот Бегемот” is more up-tempo and continues to deliver on that unique style that BRING OUT YOUR DEAD is establishing. “Outrun” is a completely instrumental track and highlights the fusion of metal and electronica. The synths are cranked up in line with the drum track for an atmospheric and exciting piece. Last in the album is a beast of a track, “Rain Over Fire”. At around 12 minutes in length, it is easily the longest song on the album and a fantastic way to end the album. Vocal harmonies counter aggressive growls, heavy guitar riffs are non-stop, and another catchy chorus all hallmark this final track. Overall, I was very impressed and interested in this unique debut album. The members of BRING OUT YOUR DEAD have written a hit album and deserve to get some notoriety and attention for such a killer effort.

Favorite Songs: “Macedonia”, “90

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Macedonia
2. In The Blink Of A Snake’s Eyes
3. Mad Girl’s Love Song
4. 90
5. Кот Бегемот
6. Outrun
7. Rain Over Fire
Reverend J. Nibbler – Vocals and Guitars
M.R. Boyd – Vocals and Guitars
Litos & Ti – Bass
Tim The Enchanter – Drums
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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Edited 01 February 2023

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