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Broadside - Into the Raging Sea

Into the Raging Sea
by Thomas Kumke at 08 September 2020, 12:01 PM

BROADSIDE were founded in 2010 in Richmond, Virginia. They play classical pop punk with catchy rhythms and vocals. While nobody of the original line-up is still in the band, vocalist Ollie Baxxter is the longest serving member of BROADSIDE. Prior to the new release, the band produced one EP and two full-length albums, the last one from 2017. Just on time for their 10th anniversary they released “Into The Raging Sea” via Sharp Tone Records with a total length of approximately 37 minutes.

BROADSIDE start their album with an emotional song. “The Raging Sea” is a slow song with clean guitars and almost contemplative vocals for most part of the song, however, that all erupts near the end of the song when the sound and especially the vocals are emotionally released. “The Raging Sea” is somehow a bit different compared to most song on the album. “Foolish Believer”, “Overdramatic”, and “Nights Alone” represent the sound spectrum on “Into The Raging Sea” pretty well: nice melodic rock songs, sometimes a bit more guitar oriented, sometimes with a few more pop elements, all mixed up with some additional sound effects. “The Raging Sea” was also released as video, the YouTube link is given below.

The album continues with a few slower songs like “Clarity”, “Seasons”, and “Burning At Both Ends” BROADSIDE. Especially the middle part of the album is dominated by emotional love songs where “Dancing On The Ceiling (With You)” is a nice and relaxed pop-driven song. The final part of the album contains with “Breathe You In” and “The Setting Sun” more rock dominated songs where especially “The Setting Sun” is more dynamic and faster compared to all other songs.

“Into The Raging Sea” contains a few good rock songs like “Foolish Believer”, “Overdramatic”, and “The Setting Sun”. Overall, BROADSIDE use some of the additional sound elements quite repetitive. For example, the fading out of the songs occurs too often which loses on effect. Most of the songs on the album are easy to listen too, but the songwriting lacks innovation. Sometimes the sound reminded me on FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND. “Into The Raging Sea” is overall well produced and will surely have their share of fans.

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship:  7
Memorability:  6
Production:  7

3 Star Rating

1. The Raging Sea
2. Foolish Believer
3. Overdramatic
4. Nights Alone
5. Heavenly
6. Clarity
7. Dancing On The Ceiling (With You)
8. Seasons
9. Breathe You In
10. The Setting Sun
11. Burning At Both Ends
Ollie Baxxter – Vocals
Domenic Reid – Guitars
Jeff Nichols – Drums
Pat Diaz – Bass
Record Label: SharpTone Records


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