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Brocelian - Lifelines Award winner

by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 21 July 2014, 7:27 PM

Welcome to a fantasy world, originally created by mr. Ronnie James Dio later symphonic attributes were added to create a more atmospheric feel. A world full of love and death, welcome to the world created by female fronted Symphonic Power/Doom Metal band BROCELIAN. Basically if I haven't lost you yet, come hither and here what I have to say because this release is rather surprising.

Opening the album "Fields Of Sadness" is going to give you a brief idea of what's happening here but it's the second track "Devil's Babe" that really pulls. This is where "Lifelines" kicks into play with deadly vocals over incredible riffs and banging drums. Halfway through the album you'll find yourself on an adventure, close your eyes and imagine what's happening "Last Hope" a love song that doesn't sound at all like it, sort of along the lines of Sonata Arctica's "Flag In The Ground." "A Winter's Dream" and "Unbreakable" are what make this album though, first you have this sad slow acoustic and very atmospheric song, this song will do one of two things for you, give you chills or make you cry. No matter what it does though "Unbreakable" is the follow up and it'll come at you like a car on a highway, it comes fast and hard and you won't expect it. The riffs in this song are devastating, the vocals are the strongest they'll be throughout the album and its an absolutely amazing climax to a very unexpected album.

To close off, this is all to say get this album. BROCELIAN must have found the philosopher's stone to making Symphonic Metal because this is one of the best examples of what the genre has to offer from a band not enough people know about! This is a killer album, enjoy.

5 Star Rating

1. Fields Of Sadness
2. Devil's Babe
3. Garden Of Roses
4. Heartstrings
5. Lost Memories
6. Last Hope
7. The Hunt
8. Theatre Moments
9. Morphine
10. A Winter's Dream
11. Unbreakable
12. Dornen (Bonus Track)
Susan - Vocals
Alex - Guitars
Stefan - Bass
Anderl - Drums
FR4NC35C0 - Keyboards
Elli - Violin
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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