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Broken Fate - The Bridge Between

Broken Fate
The Bridge Between
by YNGWIEVIKING at 08 December 2015, 12:12 AM

From Zürich, Switzerland let me introduce you, the new high expectations incarnated in the Thrash Metal prospects, the Helvetic quartet : BROKEN FATE! Finally, after some encouraging feedbacks earned from the release of a trilogy of EPs, the BROKEN FATE blokes are very proud to unleash in the streets their debut album…Under the enigmatic title of “The Bridge Between” here is a frantic Melodic Thrash/Melodic Metalcore hyper concentrated silver platter via Massacre Records.

Since 2012 with their debut EP “Rising To The Dream”, BROKEN FATE are the proud owner of a new secret recipe and they have expanded that concept to the max with “The Bridge Between” and the title track, a subtle mixing between Bay-Area guitar sharp assault and a NWOBHM flair particularly present in this record ("No Chance"), that enlightens a large inclination in the Melodic Heavy Metal approach ("Rising To The Dream" and "Mind Control" ) with the occasional yet mandatory gruff, but also some more claim for a drawing Alternative Modern vocals mood and of course at its main core, an Old-School Pump drumming and a focused nasty guitar driven, compressed for a great Thrashy rhythmic, an agressive pounding mania…This does not preclude the group to comply occasionally with more Groovy accents (“Layla” or mostly “Broken”/"Steel Groove")!

The players are more than competants ("Fall Of Serenity"/"Thorns Of A Rose" and "Take You Away") while the singer display a good vocal range and a refreshing diversity in his different methods.

The inherited Europeans sonic colors, are mostly obvious in their darkest moments ("Take You Away") even if the more commercial stints reasonably seems more influenced by the current American radio-friendly stream ("Forever In Me" ), luckily they manage to found a balanced sound, a prototype built in a real artistic choices and aesthetic, that wins easily over a more predicted or too formulaic Easy-listening appeal ("Your Night" vs "The Moment With You")!

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by a very gifted duo of experts, namely Christian Schmid (BLACK MAJESTY / TIME MACHINE) and R.D. Liapakis  (MYSTIC PROPHECY / VALLEY’S EVE / DEVIL’S TRAIN) at Music Factory/Prophecy studios, for an excellent sound and optimal production!

The fine artwork is also very professional, and it symbolizes perfectly the title and its meaning, and even musically it offers a good condensed vision of their own vision through a stylistic theory : straddling the lines of new and ancient antagonist Metal styles… Kudos!!!

4 Star Rating

1.The Beginning (Intro)
2.Your Night
3.Mind Control
4.The Bridge Between
5.No Chance
6.Thorns Of A Rose
7.Rising To The Dream
9.Fall Of Serenity
10.The Moment With You
11.Take You Away
12.Forever In Me
14.Steel Groove
Tobias John Bänteli – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Alessandro De Cicco - Drums
Leopold Stadelmann - Lead Guitar
Dario Stutz - Bass
Record Label: Massacre Records


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