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Broken Dagger - Chain Of Command (CD)

Broken Dagger
Chain Of Command
by Michael Dalakos at 12 May 2007, 11:49 AM

I won't really spend a lot of time on this album since I like to focus a bit on another subject. BROKEN DAGGER play a C- mediocre kind of smurf metal that brings in mind a really bad version of RHAPSODY OF FIRE and everything related to that. Everything in here is bad and unless you are relative with any of the members of the band you really have no point purchasing this one. End of the story.

And I can't really blame the band for delivering such an album. I mean there are worst musicians than those in the ranks of the band and there are worst recordings than Chain Of Command. The blame goes to a label that signs such a band and releases such an album. Are these guys for real? Seriously now when the band sent their work for evaluation what did they say? We like the worst than 4-track production? We like one of the worst singers ever? We like the Casio keyboards that seem to come from an 80's Atari console? What? WHAT? What's the f*cking point releasing such an album? Only to come later and say oh we are bankrupt because people download music and don't invest on actual CD's?

Labels like CMD Records have NO place in the music industry.

1 Star Rating

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Niklas Olausson - Vocals
Magnus Wohlfart - Guitars
William Ekeberg - Bass
Jeremy Child - Drums
Urban Mansby - Keyboards
Record Label: CDM Records


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