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Brothers In Arms - Sunset and Clark Award winner

Brothers In Arms
Sunset and Clark
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 29 November 2021, 9:20 AM

As usual, there are bands, labels and press agencies that seem to love to bring hardships to writers, sending press kits without covers or releases, or even with a release that is useless. Some really seems to be in the need to cause distress for the others (as usual to us in Brazil, we say in such occasions that their women slept with pants, so they distressed and want to pay it one innocent person). So, such press, labels and bands must learn a thing: don’t deliver hardships to others. After this vent of mine, it’s time to speak about “Sunset and Clark”, the new album of BROTHERS IN ARMS.

The main core of the music that flows from this album is based on 80’s Glam Metal from California. And the band was conceived by Jack Frost (the same one from SAVATAGE, LIZZY BORDEN, SEVEN WITCHES, and others), and it seems to be a tribute to the best that was done between 1983 and 1991 (the Glam Metal era on USA), in a form that can make the heart of those that lived those days beat stronger and faster, but will catch the heart of many younger fans as well. And as many can see, famous names from those days are delivering their talent to this project. And be prepared, because the songs of this album will make you have a travel to the past, to days of joy and happiness (and besides I have nothing against what came after those days, I prefer a happy outfit than a melancholic one, and believe that a great part of the readers think in the same way). And by the way, the musicians on the project are known for their works on bands as DIAMOND HEAD, HARDLINE, ANGEL, REO SPEEDWAGON, KINGDOM COME, MONTROSE, LYNCH MOB. ROUGH CUTT, QUIET RIOT, FM, ROXY BLUE and others.

The sonority of the album is very good, a blend between the spontaneous and organic form of the past with the modern definition. It sounds wild and free, but defined and clean as well, in a way that matches to what was done in the early days of Glam Metal age. Sex, joy and no worries during the nights is the main atmosphere of “Sunset and Clark” (a poor depiction in words of what those days were up to), so be prepared for the melodic assault of charming songs as “Bitch is Crazy” (a monolithic and strong song with a nasty energy, with very good guitar parts), “Last to Know” (a heavier song with very good keyboards parts), “The City Never Sleeps” (the AC/DC-like guitars sustains catchy melodies), “Feel the Love” (what lovely and powerful bass guitar and drums parts on this Arena Rock song), “The Ties That Bind” (another savage and hooking song filled with tender melodies and catchy cleaner moments), “My Heart Knows” (this abrasive and ferine Glam Metal song is filled with excellent vocals, but it’s easy to see the reason, because this is Paul Shortino’s voice), and “Voices are Calling” (with an outfit that reminds a lot what was done on the final years of Glam Metal age, especially on the harmonic structure of it, with charming guitar parts). But all the songs are great, indeed.

For those who miss the great days of the 80’s, “Sunset and Clark” is the album you’re looking for. And for those who just want to have fun with music, BROTHER IN ARMS is a nice choice.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Bitch is Crazy
2. Last to Know
3. The City Never Sleeps
4. Feel the Love
5. Make You Mine
6. The Ties That Bind
7. Long Way from Love
8. My Heart Knows
9. Wasting Light
10. Voices are Calling
Jack Frost - Guitars
Karl Wilcox - Drums
Alex Jansen - Bass
Charlie Calv - Keyboards
Dave Amato - Guitar
Mick Mahan - Bass
Keith St. John - Vocals
Andrew Freeman - Vocals
Paul Shortino - Vocals
Steve Overland - Vocals
Nick Walsh - Vocals
Jesse Damon - Vocals
Todd Poole - Vocals
Record Label: Deko Entertainment


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