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Brothers Of The Head – Light The Night, Feed The Flame

Brothers Of The Head
Light The Night, Feed The Flame
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 02 June 2015, 11:26 PM

Sometimes, to be a Stoner Metal/Rock band can be a bit hard. Yes, because in modern days, with the computer softwares being the main tools for making a better production, to give us the perfect sound. But some bands prefers the crude and raw sound of analogical equipments to create a sound quality near of those ones from the end of the 60s and beginning of 70s (and the great part of this decade). Of course some music studios keep those equipments, but are too expensive to rent them for recording an album. And a clean sound quality, sometimes, does not fit for a Stoner band. But even with this, bands like the quartet BROTHERS OF THE HEAD, whose members are from England and Germany, does a fine job on “Light the Night, Feed the Flame”, their first album.

Of course, everyone now knows that the quartet plays Stoner Metal. Yes, that’s it, but it’s not so simple. Their music has a strong charm and a deeper and melodic sense, and Rock’n’Roll feeling that get us by the ears. It’s like we are hearing a nastier form of MONSTER MAGNET and SOUNDGARDEN on their earlier works, but these guys have their own personality when playing their very good music. We are granted with melodic and good vocals, very powerful and oiled guitar riffs, and a good and heavy rhythmic session, what turn the time we take to their songs in a very good experience. The sound is organic, rude and crude, but having quality. We can hear and feel it nasty, but the instruments are clear for our ears to understand what they are playing. This is what the sound quality of the album is up to, and it fits perfectly to the way they play and want to do.

The album has 6 songs, all of them god and with their own qualities and values. But as the best ones we could point to the melodic and nasty “Mexico Sweet Mexico” (a good exhibition from guitars on very rude riff), the long and abrasive “Slipping Away” (introduced by a oiled and powerful bass guitars, with a very strong scent of BLACK SABBATH in some of the riffs and on rhythmic session work), and the energetic and catching “No Free Ride” (a accessible song, with very good melodies).

3 Star Rating

1. Mexico Sweet Mexico
2. Son of the Sun
3. Slipping Away
4. No Free Ride
5. Taken By The Light
6. Supernova City
Cody Barcelona – Vocals & Bass
Karl Francis – Guitars
Pappy Van Linkle – Guitars
Amin Axestoneville – Drums
Record Label: Metalapolis Records


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