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Brunorock - War Maniacs (CD)

War Maniacs
by Grigoris Chronis at 28 September 2009, 4:02 PM

Finally, a release in the melodic Hard Rock field that does not sound/smell like the tons of ones out the last years. Add the fact that the songs themselves are excellent too and - here you are, do not miss it - BRUNOROCK's latest album should not escape your attention, especially in case 7hard's distribution circuit does not reach your area (that's what online shops are for). War Maniacs is the kind of album I felt liberated listening to; its blend has something fresh and personal.
Had been in touch with the Italian band's discography during 2005's Interaction album. The fact that this act - led by charismatic artist Bruno Kraler - has that something was evident right from the beginning, but I would not - no way - let the poor production aside. Thankfully, War Maniacs (the inappropriate title may as well be the most 'drawback' factor in this 2009 album) sees great levels of improvement in this field, helping not only the listener having a more enjoyable time listening to BRUNOROCK but - also…and mainly? - unveils the songs' freshness and character.
BRUNOROCK has a special aspect regarding melody's meaning. The band has a solid rhythm section, they use different sounds in the keyboards (vintage or more fat - Alessandro Del Vecchio from EDEN'S CURSE steps in), at times you cannot even distinguish the guitars' channels…but they're always there! Sincerely, apart from the pre-said truth that it's been a long time I last listened to a band in this field producing an album out of the anyway good but - anymore - loaded e.g. Frontiers or AOR Heaven or Escape Music or MTM Music patterns, it's of special importance the fact that the way the band (or Bruno himself?) has build up the layers in each song. Not even one minute will you find yourself less than amused or trapped in some kind of melodic Hard Rock - think of JOURNEY, DOKKEN, PRETTY MAIDS, TREAT, EDEN'S CURSE, SLAMER, ECLIPSE or DARK SKY (Bruno was a band member)…enough with names - with special structure. The basis is the melodies, the instruments are the actors exchanging roles according to the harmony scenario and - on top - the vocals of Bruno, without being something exceptional, are so genuine and non-planned that, added to his exotic voice, the final result is a set of songs surely having the potential to make you listen to War Maniacs again and again. There are 10+1 tracks in this album and nearly none bears the same motive with another. Nearly none…
Breakthrough has a breakthrough multi-Rock rolling glamour, Liar bears a mid-pace Sweden-meets-L.A. melodic air with some exceptional vintage vocal/leads harmonies, Julia runs fast - fitting for wandering in the night - with dominating keyboards, Last Ride sees a 'space' melody paving the way for a rockin' notable module, In Search Of Faith dives into WestCoast waters acting like a mild intermission (while Forever Free is an actual  1'30 interval). Time To Run is - maybe - the most Rock club friendly off the whole album in its headlong gallop (is it my idea or BRUNOROCK periodically brings some slight Italo-Disco fixtures to play?), War Maniacs did not impress me that much, walking on a pomp wire, but the cover version of AC/DC's Touch Too Much anthem is what exactly a smart artist - capturing the original's hardrokin' melody - would come up with, keyboards-wise. Temptations runs with an extra European melodic Rock vibe (the chorus is marvelous!), while Painless Skies is a 'chill out' finish allied to In Search Of Faith's serenity. Again thinking, the tracklist's allocation is both ideal and similar to a 'Side A/B' vinyl mockup…
War Maniacs: an album not to be missed from fans of melodic Hard Rock tired of the same old, same old. The sound and the songwriting of this band anno 2009 proved there's much more yet to be offered if there's a vision on hand. Really, this is a CD armed and ready to trouble your player for a long long time.  

P.S.: The band also released the Live: On Fire live recording in 2007. If only they can create the same emotions onstage…

4 Star Rating

Last Ride
In Search Of Faith
Forever Free
Time To Run
War Maniacs
Touch Too Much
Painless Skies
Bruno Kraler - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Bobby Altvater - Guitars
Allessandro Del Vecchio - Keys, BG's
John Billings - Bass Guitar
Dominik Hulshorst - Drums
Lino - Lead Solos
Alessandra Funaro - Lead Solos
Record Label: 7hard


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