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Brutal Unrest - Trinitas Award winner

Brutal Unrest
by Gabriel “Svrtr” Zimmerman at 05 May 2017, 6:43 PM

In an age of an ever-expanding number of subgenres of metal, one can get lost in the endless variation that exists. As such, sometimes it is nice to kick back and put on the classics. What you think of when I say classics can vary, from bands like BLACK SABBATH to METALLICA to MAYHEM, but today I speak of classic death metal act BRUTAL UNREST and their third studio release Trinitas. Having been formed in 2002 and releasing their first and second albums in 2009 and 2012 respectively, it is fair to say that sometimes one must wait. Regardless, the 5 year wait for their new album is over and without further ado, I will dive right in.

Opening with a nasty brutal riff in “Systematic Torture”, it gravitates between a more melodic and much more down-tuned beat intensive sound. While the riff is strong, and definitely seems to shine most in the center of the song where it is most melodic, the song doesn’t vary much from the one riff and remains rather rigid in the song throughout. Thankfully “Pathogenic Nation” does not show these tendencies. Showing strong riffs from beginning to end with great tempo overall, this strong creates a much stronger case for the album. Featuring some very solid guitar work and being consistently unique throughout the song makes this song highly worth listening to and one of the better ones on the album in my eyes, though it does have some shortcomings. Most noticeably is a sort of lack of capability to pull you into the song. You can  easily like it but it is nothing astonishing or nothing that makes you urgently want to play it a second time. “Pandemic Wings” also follows this pattern but in all the positive ways, and has some incredible guitar work, but the progression of the song shines far more here and, by comparison, it is hard to not want to play it again and again. The flow of the song comes together far more naturally, and a great vocal performance by Tommy Sonnenburg does help quite a bit, not to mention the great guitar solo. This track is certainly one of my favourites on the album and I would highly advise anyone to listen to this piece and to listen closely to the well constructed guitar work.

 “Cotardious” takes a different approach and is more narrative in nature (when looking at what language there is since for all intents and purposes it is an instrumental), focusing on a more gradual and melancholic in its opening, transitioning between that and displays of incredible guitar work that is masterfully orchestrated. Though the purpose of an instrumental is to display the technical capabilities, they go above and beyond in the sound they create here. Though they aim to be a classic death metal band, which they are, they also show some technical death metal influences which add greatly to the song. Returning to proper songs, “Enslaved by Hate” creates an incredible riff with great melody that is well employed throughout the song.  I must again give props for some incredible gutturals by Tommy Sonnenburg, but I must also give props for great bass work by Christoph Zacharowski. Both do an incredible job on this album and their performances really stand out in both cases. The intensive use of bass riffs do greatly help, and they are wicked riffs indeed. Though there are many more great songs on the album, I believe it is best to stop here as going on too much may become a drab.

I feel I can safely say that the opening song creates a poor impression for this album, as this is undoubtedly one of the best releases I have listened to recently. The complex and technical musicianship, the well-constructed and intelligently designed passages, besides the opening song and a small and very slight complaint here and there I can find little to no fault with this release. To any fans of bands such as VADER, DEMONICAL, DEATH, ABORTED, and many other classic death metal names I suggest you pick up this release as soon as you can. My closing words would be I cannot wait to hear more from the band and hope that I can see them live one day soon as I know that Trinitas is going to be my go to for the next month at least.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Systematic Torture
2. Pathogenic Nation
3. Pandemic Wings
4. Sarcophagus’ Aftermath
5. Cotardius
6. Enslaved by Hate
7. Direktive 7
8. Postmortal Enslavement
9. Covered by Black
Christoph “Zachi” Zacharowski - Bass
Dennis Thiele - Drums
Alexander Hilla - Guitars
Tommy Sonnenburg - Vocals
David Schneider - Guitars
Record Label: Hammerheart Records


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