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Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution (CD)

Brutal Truth
Evolution Through Revolution
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 27 April 2009, 11:03 PM

Who doesn't know BRUTAL TRUTH? The Grind heroes featuring legendary musicians like the bass-master Danny Lilker and the bestial vocalist Kevin Sharpe return many years after their last full-length release to prove not only that they can still kick ass with ease, but also to show that they can be taught by their own students and overrun them!

The legendary Grind/Death Metal band from New York, USA, returns after more than 10 years after Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom (ok, a few EP's and split releases came out during this time) and it seems that nothing can stop these maniacs. They have become a permanent member of Relapse Records and with Burke's fresh blood they look unstoppable.

Evolution Through Revolution is the title of BRUTAL TRUTH's brand new offering and I must admit that the band is in a constant musical evolution indeed. Without forgetting who they are, they have managed to add a modern sound and some Relapse elements to their sound, something they have been discretely doing for some time now. Their sick as fuck Grind is mixed with some weird elements - that they fortunately don't let get out of control - and the modern Core sounds of bands like CONVERGE somehow find their way into the BRUTAL TRUTH pandemonium. So, I said earlier, the masters take the dust off their old NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER and REPULSION influences and polish them with the freshness of the new wave of bands…

So, what do we have? Of course not an album that tops the amazing Need To Control, but an album that combines both the old and the new scene and shows that it will be more difficult than you imagined to rise above your teacher! The US freaks are back dudes, and don't start running. They'll get you no matter how far you go…

4 Star Rating

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Kevin Sharpe - Vocals
Erik Burke - Guitar
Danny Lilker - Bass
Rich Hoak - Drums
Record Label: Relapse Records


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