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Brute Forcz – Brute Forcz EP

Brute Forcz
Brute Forcz EP
by Anton Sanatov at 06 February 2017, 7:44 PM

It’s not all fun and games…or so they say. Yet there is indeed a time and a place, and whilst taking yourself too seriously can often be a marker of pretentiousness, a state of constant foolishness is nothing to aspire to. Comedic intent, like any other, can be carried out both in good and bad taste, and when one sets out to venture into such humorous territory within the musical realm, it can also go one of those two ways. Unfortunately BRUTE FORCZ’s self-titled EP ends up treating the listener to the more acerbic of flavours, if any at all.

It’s not in my nature to write a scathing review – I’m nice that way - but when such measures are warranted, then you just have to cut the bullshit; for when one comes across a record such as “Brute Forcz” sugarcoating becomes the task of baking titans.

The compilation at hand is the product of two former American professional wrestlers (and twin brothers) Ronn “Slammer” Steel and Robb “Jammer” Steel, whose mission is to spew fun, campy lyrics atop American muscle-powered riffing and boisterous, Punk-paced structures; you are invited to see the opener “Phat Ass Girls” for reference.

If you’re searching for substance or musical prowess, this is not your jam. The almost spoken-word vocal delivery is steamrolled flat and makes Johnny Rotten sound like a songbird, whilst the tediously grinding instrumental sections are stuffy and uninspired. Yes, there are one or two redemptive qualities to “Brute Forcz” – like the entertaining factor of the DAVID ALLEN COLE-inspired lyrical approach and the somewhat adequate production values – but the sheer stunted, garish essence of the entire endeavour burns any thread of salvation – which would, at any rate, be simply pointless.

Overall – “Brute Forcz” is an exercise in futility. The derivative, wooden songwriting and rudimentary musicianship sadly make this EP a banal, amateurish offering that sets a low standard for a potential full-length follow-up.

Songwriting: 4
Originality: 2
Memorability: 2
Production: 5

1 Star Rating

  1. Phat Ass Girls
  2. Death Is The Devil
  3. (Ain't Gonna) Tear Me Down
  4. Nightmare Hell
Ronn “Slammer” Steel – Drums
Robb “Jammer” Steel – Vocals, Bass
Will Wallner – Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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