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Brute Forcz - Out For Blood

Brute Forcz
Out For Blood
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 02 May 2013, 1:28 PM

BRUTE FORCZ is a kick ass Heavy Metal injection of blood, sweat, and steel. On this bold, pulsating, projection, and completely in your face debut “Out For Blood” they grind their barbaric style of sleazy, nasty, savage rock down your throats. Try not to choke too hard on the raw meat for fox snake.

This band of brothers is composed of brute twins who once were professional American Wrestlers. Robb "Jammer" Steel barks and bites with those virile and vain masculine aggressive vocals. He hums and howls like a horny biker who wants to kick your ass, and screw your foxy girlfriend with his slim white snake. Ronn "Slammer" Steel slaps his skins with some fervor hoping to impress Robb of ANVIL or Carl Canedy of THE RODS.  Fans of FOZZY may want to check this out, as well as those who enjoy the music of ZAXAS, PREMONITION, THOR, MANOWAR, etc.

The misogynistic, suggestive lyrics are overtly sexual, risque', lewd, and crude, but still rockin' and focused on mettle might makes right. Will Wallner plays all the guitars and he is relatively talented. The songs are simple, but still enjoyable. “Live For Speed” has a high octane pulse. The gallows pole points of “Hang 'Em High” traps you in its noose, but is not of the quality of musicianship as the song by Florida's PREMONITION. The closer “Freedom's Heart” has some SMF TWISTED SISTER characteristics and some sincere human traits, as if sung by a true desperado.

“Metal Injection” penetrates like the sting from W.A.S.P., and the thrill screams of “Torture Chamber” demands that the submissive queen fall on her knees! THE EXALTED PILE DRIVER is another band that comes to mind when it comes to vocals and lyrics. Robb sometimes reminds me of Nasty Ronnie given his foul articulations. With considerable practice, vocal lessons, and a more professional attitude, these bad boys could sound like HEAVY LOAD.

“Leather N Chains” breaks the barrier, and sounds like early EXCITER lyrically, but the music is too minimal. In fact, four of these songs will also be found on their 2011's “Kick Ass Heavy Metal” (EP). These guys love to up dose when chasing a piece of ass, so fans of THE MENTORS, and the late sadistic El Duce, may also be enticed by the sensuous, and yet senseless kiss of sexism.

So if you are up against the ropes, and you want to rock out with a cocky attitude, and you are not looking for anything complex or involved, then come lay some pipe with BRUTE-FORCZ and prepare to get slammed on the mat.

3 Star Rating

1. Live for Speed
2. Out for Blood
3. Metal Injection
4. Sex Machine
5. Teenage Lover
6. Leather 'N Chains
7. Torture Chamber
8. Thrill Queen
9. Hang 'Em High
10. Freedom's Heart (Neda's Song)
Robb “Jammer” Steel – Vocals, Bass
Will Wallner – Guitars
Ronn “Slammer” Steel – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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