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Buckshot Facelift - Ulcer Island

Buckshot Facelift
Ulcer Island
by Andrej Romić (Nekrst Fanzine) at 14 March 2017, 10:12 PM

Let’s call this band a super group; since their playing and music-crafting abilities are indeed marvellous. BUCKSHOT FACELIFT are about to release their new record entitled “Ulcer Island” on April 14th, via Paragon Records. Grindcore can be pretty boring sometimes, but in rare cases of experimental and brutal bands, even this genre can manifest to create a fantastic, original, and incredible atmosphere. The band certainly proves so on their newest record, so let’s break it up for you.

It starts off with “Ulcer Island” - the title track of this phenomenal record. Ultimate blast-beats, incredible growling and screaming vocals, okay riffs, solid drumming - everything sounds phenomenal so far. “Czech Yourself” is a much more straight to the core Grindcore offering, with some classic song structures, classic vocals, but somewhat more melodic-oriented riffs; being pretty much experimental in general. “Afterbirth Puzzle” is a more aggressive track, with more scream-oriented vocals, with the growls perfectly covering the overall atmosphere.

All songs so far are tight and pretty short, but I guess that’s kind of the beauty in them. The band consists of a few (three, to be precise) members of the band GREY SKIES FALLEN; with Tom Anderer on bass and some backing vocals, Sal Gregory on drums, and Rick Habeeb on guitars and vocals. Will Smith from ARTIFICIAL BRAIN is present as the role of the vocalist, too, along with Terrel Grannum from THÆTAS on guitars and additional vocals. The album’s overall atmosphere might be mostly Grindcore-oriented, but somehow those deep, atmospheric riffs make up for a bit of everything. The melodies, the bizarre, speedy, experimental vocals, everything is worth checking out.

This band is truly original and unique in their own way. They released a short EP “Buck at the Moon” in late 2016, and it’s been a while since their 2014 album “Living Ghosts of the North Shore”. “Ascend To Descend” is also a brutal track. It is slightly mixed with Death Metal and some Black Metal influences, making everything sound raw, but still brutal and dissonant as fuck. As most Grindcore bands that show you the harsh and true reality of life, BUCKSHOT FACELIFT are pretty much doing the same thing; being that their lyrics actually have some pretty deep and meaningful notes - so make sure to read them when the album comes out officially.
Burn the Baby Raper” is one of those tracks with a secret message, and it just sounds wicked through its instrumentation and those raw vocals, whilst still remaining so full of energy throughout the entire album. Tracks like “Comptroller Cult”, “Delusions of a New Age”, and  “A Trophy Cup Intoxicant” also deserve a shout-out.

Being that its 2017, I am still surprised by what some bands are actually capable of. To other bands: experiment more, and you might become a cool name out there! Check out this band if you like: BIOLICH, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN, GORGUTS, BRUTAL TRUTH, CHTHE’ILIST, and get your shower ready, because I am certain you’ll never feel nastier than after listening to this record. Mark my words.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

  1. Ulcer Island
  2. Czech Yourself
  3. Afterbirth Puzzle
  4. Ascend To Descend
  5. Burn The Baby Raper
  6. OxyDocs
  7. Sundress Skeletor
  8. Comptroller Cult
  9. What Does Fergus Dream Of?
  10. Hell Eats Repetition (Goodbye)
  11. Don't Hang From The Pipes
  12. Weathered Mask Of Autumn (Unearthing The Armless)
  13. Delusions Of A New Age
  14. Dustification (End Times Version)
  15. A Trophy Cup Intoxicant
W. Smith - "The Voice"
Tom Anderer - Bass, Baritone Guitar, Vocals
Sal Gregory - Drums
Rick Habeeb - Guitar, Vocals
Terrell Grannum - Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Paragon Records


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