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Bull Elephant - Created from Death

Bull Elephant
Created from Death
by John Foley at 23 August 2020, 2:35 PM

"Created from Death" is the second part in a trilogy of concept albums by BULL ELEPHANT. There is really very little known about this band as they are completely anonymous, which makes research for a review a little difficult, but I did manage to find that they are from London, U.K so that’s something anyway. As mentioned before this is the second part of a trilogy with the story carrying on with the creature being resurrected, and also features a renegade ape, and a battle between Nazi Germany and Allied Forces in a secret battle with our hero’s caught in the middle. This all sounds really crazy so with all that lets jump right into the album itself.

The opener is the title track “Created from Death” which opens with guitar harmonies and a rhythm that stomps along the track. That band sounds solid here. As the track flows along we get time changes and it even progress’s into a totally different sounding song. This is a common occurrence that happens a lot on the album. “Oneiromantic Rites” is next up and this opens with a nice clean guitar melody and bass which compliment each other a little bit. It then switches to heavy, fast sounds but also has a pretty cool lead guitar part throughout. Another song on here is “Cult of the Black Sun Nemesis” which opens with a pretty cool guitar riff and some very black metal style vocals thrown in there as well. This one features a cool middle section with some fitting lead guitar work going over it.

“Perverted Science” has a great riff and has a very thrash metal feel. Throughout the short song it switches back and forth between this thrash style and also black metal. After this one we get “Escape from the Arctic” which opens with sounds of an arctic storm. The band comes in with quite evil sounding guitar lines. With that happening the song has moments in which it progress’s to something kind of uplifting in feel and has a really decent middle section. The finale here is “Wayfarer” which opens with clean guitar and bass that really work off each other. This one does have a head banging section and the lead guitar really utilizes that wah pedal here as well.

There are lots of changes during the songs throughout Created from Death and as the music changes the vocals change to match the music. But which these changes you can here different styles of metal covered in them and which these changes the songs can, at times, come across as sounding a little unfocused. The story to this album, to me anyway, is a little out there and can be hard to follow. I understand that there is an audience out there for this kind of thing but maybe its just me but I just didn’t get it anyway.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Originality: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Created from Death
2. Oneiromantic Rites
3. Lebensraum
4. Cult of the Black Sun Nemesis
5. Last Defilement
6. Perverted Science
7. Escape to the Arctic
8. Wayfarer
Record Label: Independent


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