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Bulldozing Bastard - Under The Ram

Bulldozing Bastard
Under The Ram
by Aaron Eerdekens at 05 April 2015, 6:01 PM

After their 2013 full-length debut album “Bulldozing The Vatican”, two-piece German band BULLDOZING BASTARD now release their follow-up album “Under The Ram”. The weird thing is, they don’t list a drummer among their band members, and that while he and vocalist/bassist Irön Kommander form the very strong framework of this heavy rocking Speed Metal/Black Metal band. However, guitarist Genözider obviously doesn’t mind interchanging between shaking out some penetrating Speed Metal playing and throwing a couple of Heavy Metal influenced, Tony Iommi-like riffs and solo’s at you.

You probably already realize where I’m going with this. Musically, they will blow your socks off from the first songs on. The second one is thus very fittingly entitled “Tornado”, because by then you will already be in the eye of the storm. They also aren’t lying at all in their fourth song, “Full Speed Ahead”. You can bet your life on it, they won’t slow down for one single second from then on. Not that they did before. The only thing that bothers is me is the singing. It might be their intention to sound like that, but they’re just not very good at it, and they are obviously very Black Metal minded in that compartment. It’s pretty hard to make out the lyrics that aren’t mentioned in the song titles. If it weren’t for the vocals, this album would have been a solid nine out of ten.

Actually, when I think about it, you can look at BULLDOZING BASTARD as being MOTORHEAD’s more aggressive, retarded nephew. Unique vocals, which, in this case, I don’t like, but of course that shouldn’t stop you too. They also have a singing Bassist and some heavy, speedy guitars and drums. You do the math. With songs like “Black Metal Slut” and “Alleys of the Underground” they unembarrassedly show you their niche and environment, and if you don’t watch out, their “Brassknuckle Deathstrike” will knock you out. Be prepared to pick up your teeth with broken fingers.

4 Star Rating

1. Queen of the Night
2. Tornado
3. Mayhem Without Mercy
4. Full Speed Ahead
5. Brassknuckle Deathstrike
6. Under The Ram
7. Alleys of the Underground
8. Let the Bastard Roar
9. Black Metal Slut
10. Once The Dust Has Settled
Irön Kommander - Vocals, Bass
Genözider - Vocals, Guitar
Record Label: High Roller Records


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