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Bullet - Full Pull

Full Pull
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 03 September 2012, 6:27 PM

Not long ago they entered our world. Soon people tagged them as the true followers of AC/DC, mainly due to their rhythm' sound and lead vocalist's voice. Their first two albums were Hard Rock strikes, and this is what the world needed at that time, an "AC/DC type of band on speed" but with much more balls, that is the story of BULLET. What is nice about BULLET is that they stick to their guns, they believe in Rock N' Roll and won't change it no matter how the music constantly change in our modern world. I promise you that when you buy a BULLET record you know what you will get. Yet with their new album "Full Pull" they took one step further.

I found the new album very mature, the material is much more melodic and provides another perspective of the band. Yes, this album is also a sing along party with the audience like the previous albums, however this is the kind of magic that BULLET has been known for on each of its album. After the first track "Midnight Oil", which was pretty standard and didn't surprise me, I was knocked by a Rock attack thanks to the album's self-titled number "Full Pull". It is a rocking song with a slick flow all the way as it has been going on with their previous stuff."Rolling Home" is another great track but the twist comes in the end, when it is just about to fade out, as it was unexpectedly finished with a nice melodic verse, that isn't a BULLET regular, played by a piano. I have never encountered that kind of drive from their material before as this verse sounded like a melodic part that fits OPETH than a Hard Rock band.

"Rush Hour" is one of the best tracks that I liked around here, it has fast rhythm and with Hell Hofer's rough voice it gets even more evil. I must relate to the general guitar work on this album, in particular of this song. It is an absolutely incredible work of twin guitar attack that reminded me of JUDAS PRIEST with great harmonies. "Warriors" is another great track, it's not a heavy song and it seems like they lowered the pace that they played on previous songs but it kept on glowing ember, especially with the nice melody running behind the band's sing. When BULLET shout "we are warriors" it gives you the right energy and the meaning of what this song is all about.

Looking back on BULLET's discography, I would consider "Full Pull", in rating, as the closest to the debut album "Heading For The Top". Also it turned out much more mature as I mentioned in the beginning. It is hard to stop listening to "Full Pull". It is like draining a tasty cold beer and without the ability to stop till the bottle is empty. If you like your Metal as a mixture of ACCEPT, PRIEST & AC/DC – this is the album for you. If you call yourself a rocker – buy it!!!

4 Star Rating

1. Midnight Oil
2. Full Pull
3. Runing a way
4. All Fired Up
5. Rolling Home
6. In The Heat
7. High On The Hog
8. Rush Hour
9. Free Riding
10. Gutterview
11. Warrior
Hell Hofer– Vocals
Hampus Klang – Guitar
Erik Almström- Guitars
Gustav Hjortsjö- Drums
Adam Hector– Bass
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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