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Bullet Train Blast - Nothing Remains

Bullet Train Blast
Nothing Remains
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 24 May 2012, 9:40 AM

In their teaser stacked within their PDF bio, it is written that the young BULLET TRAIN BLAST is Denmark’s answer to the new world of modern Hard Rock just as the old D.A.D. and the successful running VOLBEAT. Following the roots of the 80s as their guide, this five member crew has been using the modernization of sound production, first under the hands of Tommy Hansen and now the top notch work with Jacob Hansen, to convey their powerful edge to their potential audience. From what I have read in the informational sheet everything looks rather truthful and justified, BULLET TRAIN BLAST are truly on their way to become the next generation of Denmark’s successful Hard Rock bands along with VOLBEAT that aren’t that old. “Nothing Remains”, the subsequent to the debut album “Second Chance”, demonstrates the great abilities of this band and why their shebang will someday knock out people where they stand.

Though I already commented about it in the former paragraph, I have to say that Jacob Hansen gave me additional reasons to like his methods of works. Well I really don’t know the precise ones, and I am sure that those aren’t special as I envisioned or if there are any, but his outcomes are practically amazing. The sound on “Nothing Remains” is crispy, strong, like a polished but with slight dirt version of the 80s sound of AC/DC and it will leave you more than just satisfied. Hansen aided the band on reaching a type of modern sound that would still hint that the composers have a thing for the 80s, or correctly expressed as the graduates of the old guard. Other than the sound, BULLET TRAIN BLAST has material with that American audacious attitude that won’t settle for less and will barge in to get what it wants from you guys just like GUNS N’ ROSES, L.A. GUNS and other old US bands. It really wants your blood in the pit. But to that immoral manner there is that cool zest chum that will ensure the classic moments that made the tracklist enjoyable in general. Whether it is the raspy toned vocals, smashing guitars that include class act soloing and hefty Hard Rock riffing, plus the headbangable and charging rhythms.

“Queen Of The Night” is a mere classic craze to say the least, it bears the weapons that makes a hit tick. There is a sort of cockiness within the verses but those submit themselves to the groovy chorus that is an enchantment. “Running Away” pushed out the carpet beneath my feet and while falling on the floor I was struck by the gruesome, but amazingly distributed, vocal work on the chorus that made me think that it took more from the actual song when it came down to length, but who cares really? I loved it. The opening “I’m Insane” introduced me to the valley of the good time. I didn’t feel that crazy or damaged after this one, but it left me with a good taste for more. I was just glad that it was the opener. I really don’t know what to call to “From The Underground”. It felt really deep, it was composed as a slow semi like ballad with a groovy sluggish tempo that really punctured organs. The intensity of the vocals was enough to judge for the track’s greatness. “Dead Man Walking” is yet an additional example of great flow and great lead guitar work plus cracking grooves. More or less, the rest of the album is in the same rate, BULLET TRAIN BLAST run through the Hard Rock world with their nasty overlook.

This release is a promise for everyone that there is a non-MTV like face to Hard Rock. Even with a modern sound, it is easy to see how the 80s influence today’s bands. Some would have a hard time admitting it, but they will eventually. I dare you not to try this album out, it’s an easy listen but I am not sure how friendly it is. Go for it even it is not a 9 rated. 

4 Star Rating

1. I’m Insane
2. Running Away
3. The Storm
4. Queen Of The Night
5. All The Girls
6. From The Underground
7. Bang Bang Bang
8. A Life In Glory
9. Nothing Remains
10. Dead Man Walking 
M. Larsen- Lead Vocals
Niels 'Niller' Hyttel- Lead Guitar
Steff Gunn- Rhythm Guitar
Morten Olesen- Bass
Simon- Drums
Record Label: Target Records / Mighty Music


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