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Bullet Train Blast - Shake Rattle Racing

Bullet Train Blast
Shake Rattle Racing
by YngwieViking at 03 May 2015, 4:29 AM

BULLET TRAIN BLAST has for years been one of the most promising Hard Rock bands in Denmark and their second album “Nothing Remains” has received well deserved praises and numerous enthusiastic reviews from the whole community, a critical acclaim and also a very interesting public approval…I had the privilege of discovered this album through the great review provided by our very own Lior Steinmetal at Metal-Temple… With comments like: ”“Nothing Remains" by BULLET TRAIN BLAST run through the Hard Rock world with their nasty overlook…This release is a promise for everyone that there is a non-MTV like face to Hard Rock. Even with a modern sound, it is easy to see how the 80s influence today’s bands. Some would have a hard time admitting it, but they will eventually. I dare you not to try this album out, it’s an easy listen but I am not sure how friendly it is. Go for it even it is not a 9 rated” Thank you buddy, but of course big kudos for BULLET TRAIN BLAST and its music… I think that i was seduced at first sight with this great balanced sound between old school energy and modernish down-tuned melodic method!

A lot of other European reviewers follows this trend. Powerplay Magazine in UK gives 7/10 stars, Rock Total in Spain 8,5/10, Aardschok in Holland 75/100 and German magazines like Legacy gives 12/15 and Rock It! 7/10 even reaching 8 out of 10 in ROCK HARD…The warmly recommended “Nothing Remains” took both the Danish and international rock scene by storm, and went straight to #13 on the Danish album chart.

BULLET TRAIN BLAST is surfing currently with the positive vibe and the band has recruited reinforcements in the new members, guitarist Henrik “Heinz” Jacobsen (ex HATESPHERE/KOLDBORN) and Jakob Ellerup on Bass. Their third album "Shake Rattle Racing" was recorded under the guidance of legendary Studio magician/Danish producer Tue Madsen (SCAMP/MNEMIC/DARK TRANQUILITY/SAINT REBEL), the tight focus on dynamic is still obvious (“I Think I'll Stay”/"Right Reasons"/”When Fools Rise”) but the T.A.S. aka 3rd album syndrome is also clearly taking its toll, I think "Shake Rattle Racing” will be always under the shadow of the famous “Nothing Remains” for most observers, I know the comparison isn’t the right thing for a constructive analysis…It seems to me, that the new tracks such as ”Game Over”/”The Fighter” or “Broken”/”Oh Desire” are still some strong addition to their future live setlist, but the rest is a little simplistic, the song are quite (too) short and the urgent ruggedness is more prominent than before, “Shake Rattle Racing” is a truly rough, uncompromising, crude and primary in the attitude…Emblematic with a Marshall/Gibson & Beer sonic design!

The album will be available via Mighty Music in Denmark on May 25th and in the rest of the world by July 3rd 2015…If the recurrent feeling of stagnation is a little disappointing, the strongest elements (the 80’s flavors of “Head Above Water”) are still striking and entertaining, the good parameters are once again convincing like the vocal performance, perhaps the rookie listeners will have another perception of this third full-length offer, the fanatics of SHOTGUN REVOLUTION/SAINT REBEL/AUDREY HORNE should try it… I would have been pleased with a more ambitious or subtle schema!


4 Star Rating

1. Shake Rattle Racing
2. Head Above Water
3. Game Over
4. Right Reasons
5. Broken
6. I Think I'll Stay
7. Oh Desire
8. When Fools Rise
9. My Life Got New Meaning
10. Standing In The Darkness
11. Rock'n'Roller
12. The Fighter
Martin Larsen – Lead Vocal
Simon Brøchner Jensen - Drums
Niels Hyttel - Guitar
Jakob Ellerup – Bass, Choir
Henrik “Heinz” Jacobsen – Guitar
Record Label: Mighty Music


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