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Bulletrain - What You Fear The Most

What You Fear The Most
by Jessica R. Harman at 21 December 2016, 9:27 AM

BULLETRAIN was born in the suburbs of Sweden in 2006. In 2007, “Johnny Gonebad”, their first EP, was released. After another EP release and a couple of line up changes, the band finally released their first full-length album “Start Talking” in 2014. They are back with their sophomore effort “What You Fear the Most” released in 2016. This album comes in with ten tracks and a listening time of about 42 minutes. Track one “Memory Lane” starts with gnarly riffage and a throw back into the hair Heavy Metal scene. The music is perfected and it would be easy for these guys to tour along the side of many of the 80’s era metallers. The song it’s self is about nostalgia, but the music is also for anyone who has a love for that era of metal.

Love Lies”, track two, is a radio ready track, which so far all the music has been, however, this track screams to be played with BON JOVI and GUNS ‘N ROSES. It’s got that ever so popular riffage that all Heavy metallers dream to achieve. Track three, “Can’t Get Away” is different, and I mean that in the best way. It starts with a little more ballad-esque fluidity. It does hold that same heavy sound, but its much lower and creates a little diversity within the album. This track is also interesting in that it keeps that heavier and lower sound, but also compliments it with their natural flow of genre heavy, Heavy Metal.

We Salute You”, track five, is another track that deviates away from their natural sound a bit. This track is in fact a slower ballad track, but isn’t a mushy track. It is very uplifting and full of gratitude. It is also full of amazing guitar work. This track is riddled with perfect musicianship, everything from the vocals to each element of each instrument. This is a track that memorable, but also courageous. Track seven, “Wet, Tired, and Lonely”, is the epitome of radio rock. This is another track that would do well with the BON JOVI’S of the 80’s. Of course, language in some countries would be censored, but over all another perfect radio ready track.

Old Lighthouse” gives the listeners a little bit of a different side of BULLETRAIN. It’s much softer, but gains power, creating a different type of strength in this track. This track is harder but more raw and emotion driven. The final track, “Far Away”, is the longest on the album and starts of slower, but quickly asserts powerful vocals and guitars that lead this track through. The drums are also powerful here. They stand out best in this final track of the album. If you have a love for 80’s Hair Metal or an appreciation for Heavy Metal, this album is for you. It has all the elements required to send you back into the frenzy of your 80’s days. Take a trip down memory lane with this one.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Memory Lane
2. Love Lies
3. Can’t Get Away
4. Fight with Me
5. We Salute You
6. Feed the Fire
7. Wet, Tired, and Lonely
8. Old Lighthouse
9. Fear
10. Far Away
Sebbe - Vocals
Matt - Lead Guitar
Robin - Rhythm Guitar
Jonas - Drums
Niklas - Bass
Record Label: Metal Heaven Records


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