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Bullets and Octane - Riot Riot Rock N Roll

Bullets and Octane
Riot Riot Rock N Roll
by Neil Cook at 11 May 2020, 6:35 PM

These hard rockers from L.A. in the States first burst on the scene with their first EP. Later in 2004 after a second EP, their first full length album “The Revelry” was produced by Gilby Clarke of GUNS N ROSES fame.  What with that and plenty of gigs and festivals, these guys have a great Rock 'N Roll pedigree, which brings us to this, their new offering Riot Riot Rock N Roll.

Kicking off, or should that be in the balls with the title track “Riot Riot Rock N Roll”, which goes for the throat with its dirty greasy hands, all swagger, Punk and Roll, G ’N’ R meets the STRAY CATS and the CLASH, in a cheap titty bar. Guitars pin-wheeling all over the place, drums punching out a rhythm.  “Aint Gonna Be Your Dog”, motors along in similar fashion.  The song is all hook and swagger.  At first listen it sounded a bit too polished, but repeated listens will rub some of that shine off, it is simply a catchy as fuck song.

The Devil” has a feel of Aussie bands like ROSE TATTOO, THE ANGELS FROM ANGEL CITY, MASSIVE,  all whom deliver their Rock ‘n’ Roll with an attitude.  A good yard stick. G ‘N’ R after all covered the TATS early on. I’m not a big fan of the FOO FIGHTERS, and “Give Me A Reason” sounds, to me, a punkier FOOS track.   Bit too poppy and, that polished feel again. “As The Bomb Falls” is, for me confusing.  Has a great sleazy curled lip feel at the start, but just comes across too clean and modern sounding as the song progresses.  Its confusing, because I cannot make my mind up if I hate it or love it.

Addicted To Outrage” sounds like “The Zoo” by the SCORPIONS when it kicks off.  The choppy drums and guitars, are dirty, their groove will have you exercising your neck muscles, or dare I say it, moving your body to the beat. “Heaven Can Wait” is another one which sounds like Dave Grohl and Slash formed a band.  A sound somewhere between THE CONSPIRATORS and THE FOOS. All a bit too clean for my liking.

What the heck is happening at the start of “Chaos”, I don’t know or care.  This is back to the Punk ‘n’ Roll of the earlier tracks.  The riff is addictive, the vocal delivery is pure filth.  My favorite track on the album. “Rooftop Tears” slows it down, a touch, but rolls along with the same Rock ‘n’ Roll touches.  Groovy bass line pushes the song along, and oozes cool daddy-o. Closing track “Lost Crazy Psycho”, is excellent.  This is early hungry GUNS ‘N’ ROSES with the ‘tude turned up to 13. An intense burst of energy, and ten bang! It done!

Generally a great album.  The sound is will balanced, there is bass, and drums, and the guitar sound is cool for the most part.  Did I like all the songs, no. Would I want to hear more, yes. I have a feeling this mob would be a killer live band, which I hope I get the chance to see in the not too distant future.  I hope live will knock some of the clean edges off their sound, because they are at there best when they are scuzzy and dirty.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Riot Riot Rock N Roll
2. Aint Gonna Be Your Dog
3. The Devil
4. Give Me A Reason
5. As The Bombs Fall
6. Addicted To Outrage
7. Heaven Can Wait
8. Chaos
9. Rooftop Tears
10. Lost Crazy Psycho
Gene Louis - Vocals
Felipe Rodrigo - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Zachary Kibdel - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jonny Udell - Drums
Record Label: Bad Mofo Records/Cargo Records UK


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Edited 31 January 2023

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