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Bulletsize - The Apokalypse Award winner

The Apokalypse
by Mary Orren-Spunelli at 18 April 2013, 1:34 PM

BULLETSIZE is a Thrash / Death band from Sweden and are inspired by the likes of some truly phenomenal bands such as: SODOM, NAPALM DEATH, W.A.S.P., VENOM, THE CROWN, AT THE GATES, ENTOMBED and THE EXPLOITED. (I am personally impressed with the addition of a classic Punk Rock band in their list of influences). And speaking of being impressed; I was definitely so as soon as I heard the first sounds of the opening track, “The Apokalypse”. Those drums just got my adrenaline pumping and made me want to run around the house like a madwoman. This CD starts off with a prominent bang.

Vocally, this is nothing new. Angry and harsh vocals, while not unusual sounding, still get their pissed-off point across loud and clear. With song titles like “1000 Deaths” and “Wishing For The Bullet”, you know this isn’t going to be happy music! I repeat, those drums just send shivers down my spine. I love it!

“Out of Silence (Wasteland)” is more of the chaotic smash-you-in-the-face death metal that I am used to hearing on the average. But the guitar riffing in this song is incredible. Played live, this song would be a head banging hell-fest, for sure. The furious drums and riffing again get me excited at the beginning of “Handmade God” and Andreas Persson’s fierce growling is pretty intense. This is one of my favorite tracks and I can’t help but to headband. Again, those drums and riffs…wow! I can’t stress it enough.

The beginning of “Wishing For The Bullet” almost sounds like machine gun fire. This is another favorite of mine. I confess, I was a bit thrown off by the female vocals in “Alone in the Dark”. Perhaps they serve a purpose to the song’s lyrical content, but I personally don’t like her voice and think she sounds misplaced. So much so, that it makes this song my least favorite and the only one I don’t really care for on the entire album.

The bassist gets to shine a bit in the closing song, “Cassandra”. These guys can definitely play! BULLETSIZE is brutal, yet not annoying noise. I honestly haven’t heard anything new lately that has impressed me nearly as much as this band has. Even my husband, who is so picky about Metal these days, enjoyed this CD! I give some extra kudos to Niklas Gidlund. With his tireless and ferocious drumming, he could give KRISIUN’s Max Kolesne some competition. In fact, I think I would like to see BULLETSIZE on a tour with KRISIUN and AMON AMARTH. My neck would be broken by my own doing at the night’s end! A live BULLETSIZE show is surely nothing less than kick-ass.

If you can’t release stress with BULLETSIZE, then hopefully you don’t own any weapons because you’re in serious trouble! Release all your rage with BULLETSIZE and check out “The Apokalypse”.

4 Star Rating

1. The Apokalypse
2. Out of Silence (Wasteland)
3. The Terrorizer
4. Handmade God
5. 1000 Deaths
6. Wishing for the Bullet
7. Alone in the Dark (featuring Sol Skugga)
8. From Ashes
9. Cassandra
Andreas Persson – Lead Vocals / Guitars
Christopher Swahn - Bass
Kjell Berg – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Niklas Gidlund - Drums
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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