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Bullseye - To the World Among the Brave

To the World Among the Brave
by Zohar Racz at 13 April 2015, 8:05 AM

BULLSEYE are a hard rock quartet hailing all the way from Filipstad, Sweden. "To the world among the brave" is their debut album, released Febuary 28. Unlike many other Scandinavian bands, BULLSEYE aren't a metal band. They play old school meat-and-potatoes heavy rock, and have already been compared to BLACK LABEL SOCIETY in prior reviews. Their music is muscular, full of primal like and basic drum beats and thick testosterone driven guitar tones. All that topped with Johan Hallstroms' Lemmy Kilmister snarling and growling vocals.

"To the world among the brave" is the perfect keg party soundtrack from beginning to end. Its row attitude is its greatness, but also its downfall. As one song followed another, I had no choice but to wonder whether my music player had automatically gone into shuffle mode. In other words, the album lacks that one catchy chorus. That one guitar solo where the guitarist is just on fire. That one lyric that touches the heart.

It seems that BULLSEYE have read the book of how to make heavy American sounding rock'n'roll, by authors Ted Nugent and Zakk Wylde, but took it too seriously. Their sound is too often generic. Not that I expected them or anyone else to re-invent the wheel- but I'm sure that with a little more effort, they could have come up with a sound that has more personality in it.

On the bright side, although the hunger and spark that tend to be a characteristics of a good debut album are not fully in place, BULLSEYE do have potential. A little less cliché writing, and a little more attention and they might hit the bullseye.

3 Star Rating

1. Reach Out
2. Push It In
3. Forever
4. To the World Among the Brave
5. Beating
6. It's Alright
7. Falling
8. Stop Walking
9. Hot For Love
Johan Hallström - Vocals
Bosse Norman - Guitar
Jesper Magnusson - Drums
Jocke Ståhl – Bass
Record Label: Rambo Music Records


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