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Bunker 66 - Inferno Interceptors Award winner

Bunker 66
Inferno Interceptors
by Lewis McBlane at 13 September 2012, 4:02 PM

The best advice I can give you if you buy this album is turn the volume down. The reason for this is that BUNKER 66’s first full length album, “Infernö Interceptörs” will blow your head clean off at full volume. This is not an album you play at a dinner party.

This is honestly the rowdiest, least civilised, just outright anti-social album I have ever heard. The album is an unholy mix of Thrash drum beats, Black Metal riffing and the classic apocalyptic Lemmy-esque bass assault. It is awesome. There are no subtleties. Just Metal. From the first track, “Overnight Sacrifice” you know you are going to be on the edge of your seat for the whole album.

There is honestly nothing like this album being made at the moment, instead albums with “emotion” and “technicality” are being produced, however it is my belief that there is no “high art” and “low art”. So by my calculations…this is just as good. In fact, it is better than literally every pop album out there and at least 80% of Metal albums. It takes a really good album to make you totally forget about production and lyrics and that is just what “Infernö Interceptörs” does.

The musicianship in this album is all that it needs to be. Simple as that. A drummer who holds everything down without becoming obnoxious, vaguely memorable guitar riffs, a singer who genuinely sounds like he is on bath salts (in a good way) and the real talent in the band, the bassist. I always get a kick out of hearing a drumbeat or a bass line that is perfect for the song (playing both as I do) and every bass line in this song is perfect. Even when it is just following the guitar it is just…right.

Okay, now to talk about the boring technicalities of the album, the production. The drums are very high up in the mix and this gets a little frustrating as it can obscure the guitar and vocals. However, this is all redeemed in the mixing of the bass; my god. The bass is so loud! This may not be a good thing in many albums but it perfectly brings out the MÖTORHEAD influenced craziness of the band, and believe me, that is good.

If this album were a person it would be locked away. Forever. This album is car burning, deranged, window licking insanity. I defy you to not bang your head listening to this astonishing album. “Infernö Interceptörs” by BUNKER 66 is a stupid, insane album that you just have to love.

4 Star Rating

1. Overnight Sacrifice
2. Night Of The Scream Queen
3. Institor
4. Storm Of The Usurper
5. Chubby Love
6. Still They Lurk (In the Shadows of War)
7. Witch Flights & Sexy Nights
8. The Escape
Damien Thorne– Bass, Vocals
Desekrator of the Altar – Drums
Bone Incenerator– Guitars
Record Label: High Roller Records


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