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Bunker 66 - Screaming Rock Believers

Bunker 66
Screaming Rock Believers
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 18 August 2014, 10:51 AM

There are times when your Old Big Daddy here, a Physicist, has a clear idea that some guys do not understand clearly what “time” means. It’s a physical quantity that flow only in one dimension: forward, always forward, not backward. No matter what many can think, accept, it’s a reality that only when you deal with speeds higher than the speed of light (something that Einstein’s Relativity forbids). And no, the 80’s WON’T come back. Of course you can do music with influences and try to sound like bands from that time, but only if you have some new things to put on it. And on the case of Italian trio BUNKER 66, it’s obvious that if they had a time machine, they would like to get back to the 80’s. And their new album, “Screaming Rock Believers”, is a clear proof of that.

The band plays a hybrid between 80’s European Thrash Metal (like BULLDOZER) with some Metal/Punk influences of MOTORHEAD and TANK, but it needs more personality of them. Of course the energy flows in extreme higher doses, their music is good, but the first half of the 80’s passed long time ago. Very good vocals, great “motorheadian” riffs and solos, good bass and drums work, in a simple way of playing their Black/Thrash Metal. But the feeling of “I heard it somewhere before” is extremely strong to me.

A harsh and dry production, to sound like a band from the 80’s is what they offer, seeming a little moldy and full of dust. Why not a clear one? It would not damage their work, but take them to a better level of quality (besides all of us can hear the instruments separately with no problem).

When we hear their work is when the trouble starts: the band’s personality is missed in the middle of an 80 “wannabe” mass, and that’s a great pity.

There are fine and good songs like their dirty version for “Seduce Me Tonight” from CELTIC FROST’s “Cold Lake”, the explosive “Ghetto Dwellers”, the great “Screaming Rock Believers”, and “(She’s Got) Demon Eyes”. To be honest, all music are fine, but the lack of a fully personality of their own really disturbs. Only someone who didn’t live on the 80’s would find on this album something incredible. And it’s not my personal case.

But I’ll judge the band by their effort, so stop hearing old 80’s albums, and bring something from your hearts, guys. It’s clear to me that you can do this easily.

3 Star Rating

1. Seduce Me Tonight (Celtic Frost cover)
2. Another Victim
3. Ghetto Dwellers
4. Screaming Rock Believers
5. On the Prowl
6. Cannons of Satan
7. (She’s Got) Demon Eyes
8. Rulin’ Like a Tyrant
9. Nightdemon
Damien Thorne – Bass, vocals
Bone Incinerator – Guitars, backing vocals
Desekrator of the Altar – Drums, backing vocals
Record Label: High Roller Records


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Edited 02 February 2023

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