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Burden of Grief - On Darker Trails (CD)

Burden of Grief
On Darker Trails
by Manolis Moundrianakis at 19 October 2001, 5:10 PM

Unfortunately nowadays many bands tend to look alike with each other, but not this one! Burden of Grief are back with their second album 'On Darker Trails'. To be quite honest I haven't heard their first album and when I first got the cd I wasn't sure what to expect, well…I quite lost it when I listened at it! We're talking about a band that really shows the world that they really know what they're doing'.

I don't know where to start from! It's really a masterpiece on the melodic death metal scene! Musically speaking this album has almost everything, awesome guitar riffs, superb drums and a great atmosphere! Who said that you need lots of keys in order to create the perfect atmosphere! These guys manage to create it just by using only their guitars. Of course there are some parts that keyboards exist but they should be considered only as a touch of color on the painting, in other words they are not so much present during the album, though one of the songs, 'Stigmata' starts in a really odd way, This I leave you to find out for yourselves. There is also a cover song in 'On Darker Trails', which I might say IT, FUCKIN RULEZ! The song is Metallica's 'Master Of Puppets' (you didn't expect that coming didn't you?). The music is almost the same as in the original song but when the awesome vocals join in the whole thing becomes even better!
The album's production is one of the best I've heard this year, everything is heard crystal clear. One thing that really impressed me concerning the production were the drums, which were not the typical mass of noise that unfortunately we tend to hear from some bands. 'On Darker Trails'  was produced by Andy Classen at Stage One Studios.
And now the epilogue ( I really love this part)…well not much to say here except that these kind of albums don't come out every day so you fans… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! GO AND GET THE DAMN THING!!!

4 Star Rating

On Darker Trails(Intro)
Cold Fire
Another Sphere Of Life
Frozen Pain
Under Burning Skies
Master Of Puppets
Ulrich Busch - bass
Philipp Hanfland - guitars
Christian Nürnberg - drums
Oliver Eikenberg - guitars

Record Label: Massacre Records


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