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Bureviy – Concealing Beyond The Space

Concealing Beyond The Space
by Charlotte ''Downright Destructive'' Lamontagne at 07 June 2015, 10:22 PM

In historical terms, paganism extends to polytheistic religions. Often recurrent among folklore, and different ethnic groups, there are many tales left untold to this day. With decades passing by, these mysterious fables have marked the metal scene, as paganism has grown to become an acclaimed and glorious genre within the industry. While the culture depicts heroic battles and prevailing quests, it is also praised for its cult to nature. As Scandinavian countries are indisputably influenced by their particular weather and flora, the common roots that paganism and nature share increase. With BUREVIY's full-length debut ''Concealing Beyond The Space'', an evident study and admiration of nature is offered to the public. Signifying hurricane in Ukrainian (Буревій) and considering the snowstorm (or is it nebula?) on the cover art, our sextet use nature as a pure source of creation. Sublime and noble, really.

Metal generally isn't an easy listen for the untrained ear, but what the Lviv formation BUREVIY is about to release upon the underground black metal scene could be quite as savage for an avid metal lover. With impressive and remarkable technique, the sextet thrives with varied forms of energy and melody. As it may be a hard spin for the continued tormented and flayed alive growls, the amalgam of deep, ritualistic masculine choir­-effect voice combined to the harmonies of the string duet uplift the record to it's highest form possible. Underpinned by eternal and surreal persecuted drums, ''Concealed Beyond The Space'' ravages it's way through pagan tales and heathenism beliefs. Drawing the soil inspirations from the noble Scandinavian inheritance, BUREVIY violently rise through tremolo picking and solid riffing leads, adding to Miss White Fury's destructive and throat-­ripping vocals. You will need courage and probably more than one listen to realize the thorough structures and the loaded partitions, for the general outcome is fed up with distortion, sharp and snappy snares, hi­hat, ride and crash cymbals. Given the bass drum, occasional thumbs, and bass guitar are the only profound and rounder sounds, BUREVIY's music definitely winks an eyelash or two to the roots of Black.

The “X-Factor” of the record lies in Nemezis' vocals. Impersonating a priest­-like echoed voice, the refined chants will elevate your soul through the deluges of hell. Conducted by semi present malicious whispers and mystic feminine voices, these judiciously chosen effects result in a fine, tasteful product. However, without forgetting the raw matters, the ones who'll struck your ears harder, the record becomes somewhat of an aggression. While there is undeniable energy, tremendous talent (synchronicity, complex technique, endurance and power), varied sections and articulations (through abrupt changes and brief passages as filler), the impressive, insanely high-pitched tortured screams eventually grow somewhere in between intense and assaulting. In an attempt to exude feeling at first, towards the end of the record, the growls will have your eardrums irritated. Still, if lacking tone could sum up these vocals, projection and pitch are surely there. Without a shadow of a doubt, BUREVIY here try to pass on emotions of terrible pain and horror through vocal cords abuse… Your throat will literally bleed from this listen, guessing general human beings have never witnessed just as torn away.

If the intro misleads us into portraying the album as delicate, with its warm acoustic strings and sacred voices of rituals, holy mess is on it's way with ''Time'' fiercely cutting in. ''In Bonds of Waves'', in all its tormented beauty, contains state­-of-­the-­art melodies of pain, quest-­like riffing, masterful effects in the conceptual voices and meant­ to ­be guitar duets working in perfect harmony. ''Eclipse'' has unexpected, surprising melodies, while humanly impossible “Jotunhammer”, on the drums, hasn't tired out yet… As pièce de résistance, BUREVIY brilliantly end with a gut­-tearing piece named ''Gravsted''. As White Fury hysterically rips her heart out through strident cries, Nemezis accompanies her through reverberated, yet uplifting hymns reminding Gregorian chants from the 15 raven laments, fragments of foreign language is captured through a tender female voice. With great knowledge of singularity and originality, the sextet refuse to fall into the folkloric cliches. Relying on folk instruments doesn't seem as an option, as the band express passion for the pagan movement through inspired leads, vocals, close to the nature themes and melodies before all. Definitely a listen that will leave you in awe with live performances probably able to crush every bit of your corpse. Now as a certain pleasure transpires from taking part of the underground scene, it would however be in BUREVIY advantage to nuance their overall style. Simply adding restful moments to their music or ease out the pounding instruments and flayed vocals could strongly help them achieve a soul soothing result, through pain and aggression whatsoever. The partitions may be varied, but the signature tone lacks changes. If the formation took the time to study, analyze and work around the sound of their music, the evolution would be obvious. This being said, pray the formation never lose their passion for the extreme genre. There is a valuable difference between adding nuance and falling into the mainstream pit. My respect is with the bands who, like BUREVIY, demonstrate force and bravery (and their love of music before money), through dark and hard listens.

A burst of hardcore drilling through your soul, tearing and ripping you ears apart. Yes, utter, strident discord. Never has heathenism sounded more shrieking and insatiable, as if BUREVIY was starving for the greatest, most extreme sound there could ever exist out there. Screeching and howling from the depths of a pagan hell, ''Concealed Beyond The Space'' is terrorizing, in a hauntingly beautiful way.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro + Time
2. In Bonds Of Waves
3. Eclipse
4. Concealed Beyond The Space
5. The Lace Of The Norns
6. Darraðarljóð
7. Gravsted
White Fury – Vocals
Nemezis – Vocals
Winterheart – Guitar
Raven – Guitar
ValkyriAnn – Bass
Jotunhammer – Drums
Record Label: Darker than Black Records


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