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Burial Vault - Incendium

Burial Vault
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 27 June 2013, 3:25 PM

The time is tomorrow, it can happen any day now. Considering that this overall piece of music was based upon a dystopian novel, named “Fahrenheit 451” written in the 50s by Ray Bradbury, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be relevant to nowadays where the “mouth shut” looms above, like a hidden threat awaiting its witching hour of free passage. BURIAL VAULT, originated in Germany, an assorted melodic Death Metal band, with an urge to send the word out that right for an opinion will be the source of freedom, a true liberty and self-determination to speak one’s mind without fearing the end of it. BURIAL VAULT ascend with “Incendium”, via Apostasy Records, comprising of the burning fire, the sweltering of the written thoughts and beliefs, but also with immense stacks of melodic patterns, partly following the merits of the old Gothenburg parties, reeks of progression, minor associations to the preceding Norse blackness, and a few pacts with a few Thrashed up inputs. For this type of concept, breaching the boundaries of normality into parched horizons of despair the glumness, both message and diversity seemed crucial.

Assembled as a four chapter story, unknown if those were bound by any kind of a true link, perhaps short stories of the same nature or maybe a build up towards the unspeakable horrors that will eventually haunt the entire known world to man. Either way, BURIAL VAULT opened up their world of imagination and truth searching along their downright colossal musical taste pointing to pure Metallic extremity, progression, composite rhythmic demonstrations of enormous skills, harmonic flavours and glittering melodic verses. BURIAL VAULT rummage and trial with the wrath of DEATH, DARK TRANQUILLITY, DISSECTION, SLAYER and AT THE GATES with a desire to shock and convulse the souls of whoever is listening to their pleas and arguments. The sounds and thundering force of “Moment of Truth”, as if resembling a rise against the oppression and misconduct of the leaders above, seemed like a victorious clout, a forged rebellion. At first it occurred as a common melodic communion of extreme Metal desires, but it became atmospheric with fine vocals at the helm spewing the burning red veracity. “Peculiar”, took a bit of a modern melodic turnout in its chapter, with various of DARK TRANQUILLITY attributes clasping the darkened arts just for a bit and also displaying a nice solemn clean vocal setting. “The Nightly Horror”, the album’s fist in the face, charring violent agitation, cradling a fistful of speedy rhythms and abysmal Black Metal dispositions, yet smothered with blinks of crafty harmonies. “Awareness” took me back years ago to when melodic Death Metal was actually really melodic, old school oriented, mean but smooth and flowing as bloody rivers. I really enjoyed its diversity between what is chunked up foreboding to the rich melodic intensity. “Surveillance Web”, opening up the final chapter of the story, appeared quite vibrant, purely consisting of melodic leads and licks, easy to digest and quite comforting even with its title.

No matter how hard others will try, there will always be a way to rise up from the ashes of nothingness into a newly found reality that might be the answer for everything. Bits and pieces of truths and freedom will eventually prevail and become the real reason for augmenting the world’s society. BURIAL VAULT proved to me once again there is always an artistic soul to gather here and there, there mish mash of musical directions within the Metal realm worked. I was delighted to stumble upon “Incendium”, and I hope that one day you will do to or maybe tomorrow? 

4 Star Rating

Chapter I:
1. The Stench of Burning Thoughts
2. A Blind Follower and a Watchful Hound

Chapter II:
3. Soil & Green
4. Peculiar
5. The Nightly Horror
6. Prelude to Peripety
7. Fatal Accident

Chapter III:
8. Struggling Doubt
9. Moment of Truth
10. Awareness

Chapter IV:
11. Surveillance Web
12. Catharsis
13. Black Into White
Tobias Schaub - Guitars
Alexander Petri - Guitars
Raimund Ennenga – Vocals
Immo Groeneveld – Drums
Amko Groeneveld - Bass
Record Label: Apostasy Records


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