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Burialkult - A Call From Beyond The Grave

A Call From Beyond The Grave
by Spyros Stasis at 13 June 2013, 9:10 AM

Just one year after the release of their excellent EP, “Evil Antichrist Hordes”, BURIALKULT come back with a vengeance, bringing their latest perverse offering, the full length “A Call From Beyond The Grave”. The Canadians unleash a hurricane of old school Black Metal enhanced with a thrashy edge, bringing the band quite close to acts such as AURA NOIR.

The way the album starts might seem a bit out of context, the intro “Hosanna In Depths” presents a desolate organ playing dissonant parts. At first what you think is that you are going to get a second rate Symphonic Black Metal band and that is why the idea behind this intro is actually so brilliant: you are completely unaware of the destruction that BURIALKULT is about to spread when “By Satan Possessed” kicks, setting the speakers ablaze with its energetic vibe.

The production has the same old school vibe as the music itself, making it absolutely suitable. And BURIALKULT continue to pummel through the twelve songs of the albums without any remorse. Their Black / Thrash nature is revealed and revered in all its glory with anthems such as the torturous “Blasphemous Infuneral” and the all-out attack of the title track. The Black Metal paranoia show its ugly head in tracks such as the Norwegian “Throne of Disease”, while at the same time they do not to pay their mid tempo tributes to the forefathers of Black Metal, the mythic CELTIC FROST, with the as dirty as it can get “Filth” and especially with one of the highlights of the album “Eternal Satan” (they even include a death grunt).

And back they go again, to their furious side. With “I Am Torment” (which even includes an organ at the end, and no, it does not sound out of place) and “Spell of Black Torment” they bare their teeth once more before they decide to give the listener the chance to catch his breath with the interlude, “Provocations”. Three minutes? That’s enough! Back to work now, with the two last songs of the album, the old school “Necrotormentor” and the most extreme moment of the album, “Desecrate the Temple” closing the album they leave you devastated.

If you prefer your Black Metal with a Thrash expansion to it, like fast tempos but do also have an affection for the CELTIC FROST groove and you feel rejuvenated whenever you hear the typical Norwegian riffing, then “A Call From Beyond The Grave” is for you without a shadow of a doubt.

3 Star Rating

1. Hosanna In Depths
2. By Satan Possessed
3. Blasphemous Infuneral
4. Throne of Disease
5. Eternal Satan
6. Filth
7. A Call From Beyond The Grave
8. I Am Torment
9. Spell of Black Torment
10. Provocations
11. Necrotormentor
12. Desecrate The Temple
Funeral Aggressor – Bass
Phlegathon – Vocals
Krieg – Drums
Cain – Guitars
Record Label: Blood Harvest Records


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