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Buried In Black - Black Death

Buried In Black
Black Death
by Daryl Adolph at 29 June 2011, 4:58 AM

When I have thought that I have found the best death Metal album ever… that is when the metal Gods end up screwing with me and a new band arrives for me that kicks my ass. Enter in Hamburg Germany's entry into the fight for Death Metal supremacy across our bluish-green orb we live on… welcome Buried in Black.

This amazing five piece are made up of some very impressive musicians playing what I might venture to call a hybrid Death Metal. It still has all of the Death Metal benchmarks and is perfect that way… but there is this feel of some very nasty thrash metal components as well in the melodies and solos. It is this very ingenious combination of brother genres that makes Buried in Black so damned good, not to mention making them stand out.

As young as Buried in Black are, this band is on the verge of becoming a big player in the whole Death Metal Scene around the world. Listening to tracks like the soul-grinding "Godseed" or the sonically malicious "One Life Left" shows a band that is close to breaking out. A few tweaks in their songwriting and a little in expanding some parts of their music…they will go from damned good to nearly godliness. These will come with time and just playing, it although shows what amazing music is awaiting.

One listen to the album here called "Black Death", and I am sure that you will agree with me… Buried in Black kicks some fucking ass, and is ready to fight to be the best in the world. Just go and buy this album… you'll see right off the bat. You will not be disappointed with it… you will just revel in what I describe as violence perfect.

4 Star Rating

  1. The Bait
  2. Parasite’s Paradise
  3. 7.405.926
  4. One Life Left
  5. A Vast Hereafter
  6. Lest We Forget
  7. Act Of Caprice
  8. Godseed
  9. Violand
  10. One Ate Seven
Ron Brunke – Vocals
Ben Liepelt – Guitar
Etienne Belmar – Guitar
Torsten Eggert – Bass
Sören Teckenburg – Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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