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Buried Inside - Spoils Of Failure (CD)

Buried Inside
Spoils Of Failure
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 06 April 2009, 8:39 AM

I was always bitching about the promo CD's that were split into 99 tracks by the labels, one of their ways to fight piracy. The fact is that you may want to protect your music, bands etc, but you also have to respect the magazines that spend time to review your releases. BURIED INSIDE's latest album not only came as a 99 track promo, but it is also nothing more than a CD-R…

BURIED INSIDE came to my attention in 2005, when their Relapse debut Chronoclast (their third full-length release back then) hit the stores and everyone was talking about them. Even though Relapse's latest investments are not my cup of tea, I decided to take my chances and check out the band's latest offering Spoils Of Failure.

Others call it Hardcore/Sludge, others Progressive Metalcore or Post Hardcore. I don't really care how they are called, nor will I spend time searching for a suitable tag for their music. The fact is that BURIED INSIDE's BURST meets KNUT meets OLD MAN GLOOM heavy and trippy music will offer you a great dose of haunting melodies, epic passages and though provoking lyrics, something the band is known for. I am definitely not the most suitable person to comment on this release, but I am definitely someone who can understand and appreciate the gloriousness of this chaotic quintet. No, it is not one of the best releases I have ever heard, but the fact that I listened to its weeping guitars and strangely melancholic brutality until the very last second and gladly pressed the repeat button is surely a positive thing.

I guess that people that are into this modern Hardcore stuff will definitely love Spoils Of Failure. As for me, it is an album that will somehow find its way into my CD player again… soon, really soon!

3 Star Rating

Nick Shaw - Vocals, Samples
Andrew Tweedy - Guitar, Vocals
Emmanuel Sayer - Guitar
Stephen Martin - Bass, Vocals
Mike Godbout - Drums
Record Label: Relapse Records


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