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Burn Of Black - Danger

Burn Of Black
by YngwieViking at 17 June 2013, 3:54 PM

After a few false starts, this debut’s 5 song EP is finally out, this underground release is handled by Inverse Records / Sweet Poison coalition and seems to be a concretization of the turmoil, the reward for years of real efforts and many lineup changes.

The Italian metallers quintet BURN OF BLACK display an unexpected, fresh and intriguing cocktail which you could almost feel it should be indigent at first, combining a blend of Bay Area old school Thrash with Scandinavian Dark Metal tainted by Gothic Metal as well as Alternative or Metalcore ingredients or a few discrete but ‘straight to the point’, spicy & Proggy arrangements.

Some sharp and tight vitriolic riffage from the Guitarist team reminds me of TESTAMENT or HEATHEN especially within "Charon's Rebellion". The Vocalist Giacomo Cordioli don’t belongs in the category of the grumblers and carries more a dramatic/theatrical hi-range vibrato style with a strong use of the pitch layers gimmick of doubling high-up harmonies ("Slave in Chains").

Those elements along with the really strong and vibrant production under the guidance of Dysfunction Team are the positive side of the whole thing.

The negative points are the instrumental intro track “Thrown Into The Chasm”, too long and finally pointless and the fact that the eponym track “Danger” fall under the same useless kind, lacking the dark ferocious riffing power and the sheer efficiency of the early cuts.

But it’s initially an introduction item for the curious Metalheads small community and the band holds a real potential in their special recipe. I beg for listening more of their sounds and songs in a near future.

3 Star Rating

1. Thrown Into The Chasm
2. Fears Driven To Insanity
3. Charon's Rebellion
4. Danger
5. Slave In Chains
Alberto Lemoni- Drums
Marco "Markwild" Piva – Lead Guitar
Alessandro Bassani – Lead Guitar
Sylvia "Shiva" Fabbris – Bass
Giacomo Cordioli - Lead Vocals
Record Label: Inverse Records


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