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Burn The Mankind – To Beyond Award winner

Burn The Mankind
To Beyond
by Mike Coyle at 27 December 2015, 9:22 PM

BURN THE MANKIND are a Brazilian Technical Death metal band all the way from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul formed in 2009. In 2010 the band released their first EP, self-titled, which would stick around until 2012’s single release, ”Real Slave”. From this we would see the band work to create their first full length release ”To Beyond”; to the band’s credit this is a journey for the band to have created this and now with its release and with any hope the band will be able to show just what they have and if they have what it takes.

As we enter the record for the first time we are welcomed by a strong atmospheric sound which leads through the next couple of minutes; in a way this will allow us to settle and calm for a short while, just before the song kicks in with a heavy Doom-filled style of riff which fills the back of this track with a wall of sound. “The Uprise” is more of an introduction into what the record wants us to expect of it, giving ideas in both a slow and heavy style while being able to create suspense for the listener.

As we go deeper into the band’s record, we find that there are different elements to which we can take from each song both in skill and the way the band have created each song with their own personalities in check. This shows us that the band have worked to create something that they can look back and use in terms of future releases, but at the same time we are able to observe just what this band can do with their arrangements. Almost similar, in so many ways they hold a very important idea for what this record has to offer showing a combination between the Doom and Death elements that the band have been able to portray as their vision for this record and so much more.

Through the record we see songs such as “Real Slave” and “Cries”, which take us into some of the band’s more extreme tones in terms of how they have been written. Between these two we can see the band go deep into a more extreme mind set going into brutal skull pounding tones. These certainly do not hold their punches whatsoever, though this is something that we can certainly admire about these guys in that they have gone really far back with their sound in terms of it being a very old school look at what Death Metal is meant to sound like and what kind of stimulation it is capable of.

It is obvious that the band want to create a new wave of old school sound for the new generation which is very admirable to be honest as it shows that not every band needs break downs to be brutal and heavy whereas we have a band here that is bringing something familiar to the table and something new.

4 Star Rating

1. The Uprise
2. To Beyond
3. The Gun
4. Real Slave
5. Lies
6. Vacuum
7. Everyone is Blind
8. Cries
9. Beneath the Sun
10. Survive On
11. Human Decay
Pedro Webster - Vocals, Guitar
Marcos Moura - Guitar
Rafael Barros - Guitar
Raissan Chedid - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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