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Burning Darkness - Dödens Makt Award winner

Burning Darkness
Dödens Makt
by Craig Rider at 04 August 2021, 3:30 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: BURNING DARKNESS; signed via Non Serviam Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Melodic Black Metal, on their sophomore album entitled: “Dödens Makt” (released July 2nd, 2021).

Since formation in 1999; the quintet in question have 5 Demos, 2 Singles and 2 Full-Length Albums in their discography so far - I am introduced to their 2nd album entitled: “Dödens Makt”. 8 tracks ranging at around 48:34; BURNING DARKNESS arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Melodic Black Metal developments. The sequel to their debut album: “The Angel of Light” brings forth an abominable dungeon of beasts, danger and hostile significance with viciously violent furore.

Opening up with this blackened but gnarly slab of profane and blasphemous adrenaline, an amplified harmony rips with rampantly rompy stridency. Surging with wildly rushing melody which trailblazes with steamrolling chugs, frolicking gallops and blistering melody within “Muspelhems Vrede”. Shouty throatiness grovels intensely with raspy scours from consisting frontman Per Kolderup Finstad, he soars with tight bellows and gritty grunts while potent gutturals growl fiendishly with wrathful aggression amongst a fuelling extremity in barraged frenzies of dark chaos, flared with monolithic mayhem rattled on ruthless pandemonium where bruising but clobbering bounciness elements a borderline foundation in punchy stomps while rifting with weighty rhythms to boot. “Sulphurous Wrath” injects an infectiously venomous thud on sturdy synergies that slay with grinding impact, monstrously meaty hooks and dynamically dextrous frets which stampedes with organic substance while this ominously volatile deadliness distils a chiselling calamity on towering rawness which will rollick heads in no time.

A bombarding dose in savagely sinister grooves implements a uniquely versatile vehemence on piledriving tonalities where rambunctious drum hammerings from both German E (who shreds with rapidly swift nimbleness on guitar also) & Nemgrá, both pummel their sets with steely yet pounding precision -  as “Chiropteran Demon” executes a bludgeoning laceration on killer jumpiness…where oscillating yet primitive & razor-sharp riffs from belting 2nd guitarist Daniel W manifests with profusely robust rips that tear with striking viscerality while thrashy maelstrom momentum ramifies with shadowy spellbinds of jarring retribution. “She Who Dwells Beyond The Branches” fabricates with thumpy yet groundbreaking bass audibility from Severin Gottsén who rumbles speakers with trembling reverb, blasting but beating grumbles and echoing charges attribute at a choppy aesthetic where old school madness snares with deafening grips as fast paced tempos merged with classic but melodic tremolos pierce through you like a battering ram on a berserking rampage through everlasting, distinguished grime.

Neonaticide” crafts a crazily insane but maniacal magnitude of speed progressed malice, still retaining symbolic atmosphere and sonically seamless relentlessness which arms a brimming overdose on radically wicked systematics while the vocals showcase this riveting virtuosity on synergetic patterns that rage briskly, fuelling an exhilarating swerve onto this bombastic  banishment amongst a fiercely barbaric flow in which will rattle skulls mightily…while “Draugr” unleashes this transformative revolution on a catchy chorus line and heightened brutality as backing vocals possesses members to yell into a battle cry chant as they shout Draugr itself as they summon the beast into an evolving but harsh mutant to demonize eardrums to. There’s lots of rhythmic variations that hybridly experiment with mountainous technicality while stabilizing that punchline kick for good measure which will throttle you with no remorse.

The penultimate track: “In The Shadow Of Webbed Wings” metamorphs with malevolent transgression, where imperious grey mist materializes mystifying but ghastly foulness where the atmosphere distils with menacing but foreboding chills, conjuring filthy sludginess & a furious firepit of doomy repugnance (of the good and evil empowering kind of course). Vocals bellow and bark unapologetically while the instrumental force embodies a salubrious smudge of impulse & concrete distinctions while smouldering with frightening but inventful hoariness, concluding this mammoth behemoth immensely with the intense 8:48 titular track “Dödens makt är stor”.

Bottom line; BURNING DARKNESS delivered a bombing bestiality of nuclear warfare which has a chemical reading of a blending fortress in heat, firepower and expertise in inhumane harvest which will make you want to break chairs over other chairs in no time or at least unearth the inner demon within you. “Dödens Makt” is a heavy as hell representation of Melodeath/Black Metal that most surely makes this one worthy of spinning & replaying a good handful of times, an enjoyably entertaining discovery in which they outdo themselves with this one. Maniacs alike can relish with this one, do check it out!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Muspelhems Vrede
2. Sulphurous Wrath
3. Chiropteran Demon
4. She Who Dwells Beyond The Branches
5. Neonaticide
6. Draugr
7. In The Shadow Of Webbed Wings
8. Dödens makt är stor
Nemgrá - Drums
Severin Gottsén - Bass
Per Kolderup Finstad - Vocals
Daniel W - Guitar
German E - Guitar/Drums
Record Label: Non Serviam Records


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