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Burning Flesh - New Chaos Order

Burning Flesh
New Chaos Order
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 11 February 2014, 2:05 AM

BURNING FLESH is a Death Metal band, with members from both France and Switzerland, formed in 2005. To date they have released an eponymous six-track demo, as well as their first full-length album “Unconscious Deformity” in 2011, and most recently “New Chaos Order”.  They list Black, Death Metal and Grindcore as their primary influences.

Opening with “Riot”, the band immediately sets their tone of anger and defiance with a lead-in George Bush speech about his “new world order”. Sonically, it is pretty straightforward Death Metal, with a speedy, riff-driven rhythm that does not let up.  The vocals are deep and raspy, with an occasional scream of emphasis. The instrumentation is tight and flows as a well-oiled machine should.

“Corruption of Kings” features some more traditional Thrash riffing, and a machine gun drum section throughout. I think it is here that you can gain a sense of their performance ability which is strong.  As is the case with a lot of Death Metal, variety is a dish that is not often offered to the listener however. The pace continues to be very quick and relentless in their attack on your senses.

In the title track “New Chaos Order”, there is a little more exploration via some well-done, stop-on-a-dime riff changes, where Lionel goes full rage vocally into a higher pitch. This might be the best track on the album. It breathes a little better and allows the band to put their instrumental prowess on full display, with some complexities in the song that don’t exist much elsewhere on the album.

“Scum” is another highlight for BURNING FLESH.  It settles nicely into a pounding groove that stirs your listening experience, and has some complimentary sections that take full use of the varying tools of the death metal repertoire. The running guitar in “In Hell We Rest” is reminiscent of old school MEGADETH to me, screaming through the flames of Hades with a victorious mantra. The band does not suffer from a shortage of riffs, or the ability to heap multiple passages into a single song.  Their timing is impeccable.

Overall, “New Chaos Order” is raucous, energetic and up-tempo death metal, with a riff driven emphasis to the songwriting. Fans of the genre will find solace in the heavy, tight song structures and traditional approach of the band. A constant throughout is the precision drumming, which pushes the meter and maintains the temperance of chaos. Highlighting the album in my opinion is the band’s musicianship, over stylistic leanings that might separate themselves from their Death Metal peers.  It’s an honest effort that is well grounded within the boundaries of the genre, but perhaps suffering from an enterprising vision.  

3 Star Rating

1. Riot
2. Corruption of All Kings
3. Lies
4. Beginning’s End
5. New Chaos Order
6. Death Place
7. Total Hate
8. Here and Beyond
9. Injection
10. Scums
11. In Hell We Rest
12. Wretch
Lionel – Vocals
Anthony – Guitar
Guillaume – Bass
Paul - Drums
Record Label: Great Dane Records


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