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Burning Saviours - Boken Om Forbannelsen

Burning Saviours
Boken Om Forbannelsen
by Daniel Silva at 02 June 2014, 4:45 PM

Formed in 2003, BURNING SAVIOURS released 3 full-length albums until they split-up in 2008. Two years later they reunited and the following years released four singles which are now being re-released in this compilation album entitled Boken om förbannelsen, or The Book About The Curse.

Sound-wise they play Doom Metal with Hard Rock influences, with a strong 70’s sound, they could even pass for a band from that era. Their songs range from great doom anthems like “Midnight” and “The Offering” to hard rock like in “Förbannelsen” and “Spirit of the Woods”, there is even a blues tune called “The Nightmare”. However there is nothing new or fresh here, BURNING SAVIOURS are not trying to reinvent the wheel, which they proudly admit, but instead want to simply pay tribute to 70’s metal. And this is probably the great love-it-or-hate-it factor, some people will love the retro sound while others will hate the fact that this is just a rehash of those that came before, probably accusing this band of a lack of originality, and they probably wouldn’t be wrong…

So, in conclusion, if you are looking to relive the sounds of the old days this is the band for you, otherwise if you are looking for something new I would suggest you look somewhere else.

3 Star Rating

1. Förbannelsen
2. Midnight
3. The Offering
4. Spirit of the Woods
5. Doomus Maximus
6. The Nightmare
7. I Am Lucifer
8. Hon dansade med döden
Fredrik Evertsson - Bass
Martin Wijkström - Drums
Mikael Monks - Guitars (Rhythm), Vocals
Jonas Hartikainen - Guitars (Lead)
Record Label: I Hate Records


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