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Burning The Oppressor - Damnation Award winner

Burning The Oppressor
by Ricardo Casagrande at 23 February 2022, 3:03 PM

Hailing from Montreal Canada, BURNING THE OPPRESSOR has returned with their fourth full length album. Coming together in 2012, they released the albums The Ignition and Verbal Aggressor in a span of two years. After some line-up changes, including a new vocalist, they released a single, followed up by the album Bloodshed in 2017. With gaining momentum in the Montreal metal scene, followed by touring, they seemed to have taken a bit of a hiatus, including more changes in band members. Now in 2021, and with the return of original bass player Gabriel, they are looking to recreate chaos with the new album Damnation.

The opener to the album is the song “Cannibal K” and is a solid mix of Death metal with a touch of Melodic metal. There are many varying chunky riffs, and they do a nice job of mixing up the tempo before some nice melodic guitar work, before bringing it back for a crushing ending. The next track “The Oppressor” keeps up with the chunky style of riffs, with the aggressive vocals gathering strength as the band rages on in the background. The drumming of Sam is worth the mention in this song, as he creates a foundation of chaos in which the guitars are able to creatively build upon. Things get a little thrashier with the next track “Martyrize”, but it still seems to stick to a more melodic style, and after some duo guitar solos, the song finishes off with a bit of progressive guitar work.

“Wrongdoers of the Sea” is a straight to the point, in your face banger. The drums are exhaustingly a force to be reckoned with throughout it all, with the double bass crushing the verses and the snare blasts hammering home the bridge, it is a song that works well, with all the instruments and vocals combining to make it all happen. “Damnation” is a little over four minutes of pure aggression, delivered at a frantic pace. Though it also becomes melodic with the chorus, it is amped up with strong backing vocals that echo off, almost like a chanting effect. “Seven Generation Raped” starts off with some tribal chanting and judging by the title of the track, it is not hard to piece together the dark atrocities and abuse of a people, that fuel the anger in this track. As Kevin bellows out the destruction of a culture, the solo and guitar work at the midway point is well done, and the screeching guitar works well in a song like this.

“Infamous Human Beast” starts out with a bit of a WHITE ZOMBIE opening and maintains some effects for the first time on the album. The vocals are well timed with the drums to really hammer the song into your head. The album ends with the track “Warrior”, and it features fellow Montreal metalhead Simon Girard of BEYOND CREATION. It opens up with some rumbling bass, as the bass is present through the entire album, it truly seems amplified in this one. The guitars are well done and at the first with the bass, takes on a bit of a Black metal meets Egyptian twang to it that catches your attention. But it is definitely a song to stomp around to in the pit.

It is a well done album, with good production as it sounds well put together. The vocals really seem to match the style of the band and how they choose to present their music to the masses. There has been some in and outs with the line-up of the band, so hopefully they can solidify the musicians and have the time to play together for another release. But I would recommend giving this a listen to anyone looking to get a taste of the metal coming out of the province of Quebec.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Cannibal K
2. The Oppressor
3. Martyrize
4. Black Eye
5. Wrongdoers of the Sea
6. Crackhead
7. Damnation
8. Darkest Moonlight
9. Seven Generation Raped
10. Infamous Human Beast
11. Insanity
12. Warrior
Kevin Bordello - Vocals
Frédérick Mouraux Dufour - Guitar
Jeff Roy - Guitars, songwriting
Gabriel Jetté - Bass
Sam Venne - Drums, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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