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Burning Saviours - Nymphs & Weavers (CD)

Burning Saviours
Nymphs & Weavers
by Yiannis Doukas at 28 January 2008, 8:47 AM

BURNING SAVIOURS is a great band from Orebro of Sweden, that is something like a womb of 'doom' Rock bands with an amazing catalogue including WITCHCRAFT, TROUBLED HORSE, DEAD MAN and others. As you can see from their name, this is a song of PENTAGRAM and this band explores the Doom planes with many influences from Classic Rock coming from 70s.
The Swedish act started in 2003 with a lineup including Mikael Marjanen, Martin Wijkstrom, Fredrik Evertsson and Andrei Amartinesei playing guitar and being behind the microphone. Having a really good discography with excellent albums like their debut self-titled one or the masterpiece Hundus (released via I Hate Records), BURNING SAVIOURS gain the interest of many people. Shit happens and in the end of 2006 their vocalist Andrei left the band in order to focus on is studies making us wonder what would be the next day for this band. The vintage gods are merciful hopefully. Fredrik Andersson is the new singer while Henry Pyykko arrived to replace the guitar position and their musical efficiency is remarkable and trust me you will forget easily the previous department. Another change in the band's camp is the change of the label and this time their new third album has the name of Transubstans behind.
The music you will find here has many PENTAGRAM or BLACK SABBATH elements of course, but - except these - your ears will recognize some JETHRO TULL, DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP or WISHBONE ASH moments. Looking After The Phyre has a lifting air, bringing you to euphoria realms mainly 'cause of its melodic guitars and the marvelous vocals. The solos are terrific with meaning and feel (not only in this track, but in all the album's length). Pondhillow's Finest is expanding the musical horizon of BURNING SAVIOURS, sometimes the basic intro riff reminded me of some Zappa stuff playing and covering melodies from traditional American songs. The Spellweaver is more heavy, you can easily call it a pure Doom Metal song and Woodnymph has something ghostly, hunting or eerie like an scary fairy tale with the flute part transforming it into an exotic and JETHRO TULL song. Very nice really. Dreaming Of Pastries is also heavy like The Spellweaver but with more speed; it's more IRON MAIDEN-ish and with an incredible refrain.
Signs will remind you why this band has this name while you will feel the presence of Iommi somewhere for sure. Once again the refrain is just perfect. Trinity is a lovely song, pure enjoyment each time I listen it a giant smile appears on my face, I don't know why. Hillside Mansion has this spooky aura like Woodnymph, the flute is also present here while the vocal lines have a narration tone. The album ends nice with another lovely song named Exposed To Heat Of Solace and you will realize that in Nymphs & Weavers there are no fillers and everything is full of inspiration.
The album was recorded in Orebro's Bombshelter Studios and the sound is old-school enough to satisfy your 70s needs. Together with WITCHCRAFT's last one, they are the best choices in my opinion if you want something in these sound. I will not compare it with the previous album, I think it is unfair because this one is more than good, but if you don't have it buy them all.

4 Star Rating

Looking After The Phyre
Pondhillow's Finest
The Spellweaver
Dreaming Of Pastries
Hillside Mansion
Exposed To The Heat Of Solace
Martin Wijkstrom - Drums
Henry Pyykko - Lead Guitar
Mikael Marjanen - Guitars, Vocals
Fredrik Evertsson - Bass
Fredrik Andersson - Vocals, Flute
Andreas Eriksson - Lead Guitar
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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