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Burning Skies - Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption (CD)

Burning Skies
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 13 March 2008, 12:51 PM

Two years after the band's decent sophomore full-length effort, which didn't amaze me by any means, here comes their brand new album through the same label. Even though Lifeforce Records is a label that specializes in boring Metalcore and stuff like that, BURNING SKIES probably got bored of playing common shit and made a slight turn in their musical path. So, here they come again refreshed, stronger and more aggressive than ever!

The UK metallers were one of the bands I wouldn't even think to listen to at home, while relaxing or something like that. I had the chance to review their previous album and it was just something that could be characterized as a decent Metalcore release. The band left the melodic shit behind and entered Rape Of Harmonies (HEAVEN SHALL BURN, MAROON, FALL OF SERENITY) to record its most brutal work up to date.

The melodic guitar leads have been buried by time and dust, the catchy Metalcore beatdown breaks are something that doesn't concern the band and the totally Nu image has nothing to do with the band's current shape. Even the photo in the back of the promo is much more Metal! So, same studio, same producers, different music. The UK metalheads have decided to dig deeper into the brutal side of our beloved music and present an album that has the NAPALM DEATH stink all over it! It seems that these guys realized that their country has some great bands in the extreme side of Metal and decided to pay a tribute to bands like the above mentioned Grind heroes NAPALM DEATH and CARCASS, as well as some more modern Deathcore bands like MISERY INDEX and THE RED CHORD.

Just think that you have 11 songs with a duration of 28 minutes! Don't think that you will have to do with a groundbreaking album, but you will have a more than just decent release that will kick your butt with some extra brutality.


3 Star Rating

You Don't Have To Be Dead To Be In Hell
Rounding Up The Cattle
Abuse To Confuse
To Be The Man Who Has To Beat The Man
Spat Out And Stamped On
It's Hard To Breath With A Bag On Your Head
Slashed, Thrashed And Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
Sticky Richard
Merv - Vocals
Liam - Guitar, Vocals
Chuck - Guitar
Ivesy - Bass
Phil - Drums
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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