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Burst - Lazarus Bird (CD)

Lazarus Bird
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 12 November 2008, 12:44 PM

For all of you who don't know shit about who BURST are, I can say only this… BURST is a band that I was incredibly stupid to miss a few years back when they came in Athens to play a gig, which was absolutely fantastic! Every single person who attended the gig had only the best things to say about BURST! My only consolation is the band's new album, which I fortunately have the chance to review, since as you already know, I am Metal Temple's official Relapse reviewer!

Sweden has produced many great bands, one of them being BURST, a fine example of modern Metal/Hardcore. Three years after the band's previous amazing album Origo and the split release with THE OCEAN, BURST return with their brand new album Lazarus Bird, which is as the promo says an epic sonic journey!

Trying to describe the music of BURST is a real pain in the ass, since the Swedish act has managed to mix many different elements creating a music that you can easily say with which bands sounds like, but you will never find a specific band that sounds exactly like BURST or a specific genre that can fit their music. These guys have drawn influences from various acts from the Metal and Hardcore scene, crafting an ultra heavy assault that will bring memories of ISIS, MASTODON, CULT OF LUNA, NEUROSIS and THE OCEAN while maintaining an original style with the distinctive BURST guitar melodies and Hultin's nervous drumming.

The key word in this album is mood, something that changes a lot during someone's listening session, since Lazarus Bird can fill you with nostalgia, hate, melancholy or depression… Wherever you try to travel in this album, you will find beautiful melodies, aggressive outbreaks and psychedelic trips to other planets, probably out of our solar system…

I guess the Swedish have done it again, and this time it is not a classic NWOSDM, Thrash or Sleaze band. This time it's all about the future of Metal baby, and you should better not skip this lesson!

4 Star Rating

I Hold Vertigo
I Exterminate The I
We Are Dust
Cripple God
(We Watched) The Silver Rain
City Cloaked
Linus Jagerskog - Vocals
Robert Reinholdz - Guitar, Vocals
Jonas Rydberg - Guitar
Jesper Liverod - Bass, Vocals
Patrik Hultin - Drums
Record Label: Relapse Records


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